Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School & Cannibalism

Okay, like all my blogs lately this one is going to be quick.
Cailin got into Preschool!!! Yippee!!
It sounds so silly but since Preschool here in Seattle in free in the public schools and is also on top of that...amazing, there are limited spaces. So, they take the kids that either have the most problems or special needs or the ones that just need it the most. Its all done by a point system. So, of course, in my attempt to gain as many points as possible. I described Cailin's personality exactly, not leaving out a single angelic detail, and did not tell a single white lie, yes folks, its all true!
They actually called a couple months back to do a follow up on her application. They asked questions about her constant fragile emotional state, her bossiness, and her "Atlas" complex. (For those of you who don't know, that is one of our little nicknames for Cailin, she always walks around as though the wait of the world is on her shoulders). Hmmm, would I rather have a child nicknamed Atlas or Hannibal? Well, guess what? I have one of each!
We also gained some needed points since she just moved away from 7 first cousins, 4 grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles and 2 very good friends.
I got a call this morning, there is a spot available for her...do we want it? Hell YES!! So, in a couple weeks, Cailin will be in school 4 days a week, for 3 hours.

While my sister and her girls were recently visiting us here in the great Puget Sound, my Hannibal Lector (17 month old Avrie) bit my niece. No, not just an, "Im a little angry Im going to nip you on the shoulder" NO, this was a full fledged flesh wound, on the jaw, bleeding, crying, neosporn, yes that correct, ointment had to be applied, and a bandage!! My daughter, my little hellion of a child, attacked her sweet, loving, older cousin. Oh yes, Ashey is a full 6 years older that Avrie, the culprit. Age, strength, and pure maturity was no match. I am still completely embarrassed that a child of mine caused an injury that will actually need time to heal. Ugh! Well, Avrie is sleeping and I need to pee! Talk to y'all soon.