Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The last couple of days I have found myself tripping, then stumbling and now SMACK, I just face planted myself right into Facebook.
I have no idea what Facebook is, what is does, what it means, what its for. I just have no idea. My friends have all explained it to me, I still don't get it. Now everyone is going to try to re-explain it to me. Ill listen, Ill try to understand, but know, upfront...I am Facebook retarded.
I now have 10 friends, but to be completely honest...they were my friends before Facebook, I suppose now they are my cyberfriends. That sounds like a PBS Saturday morning cartoon.
I will tell you one thing you can't do on Facebook, you can't stalk. That's right, its an all up in your face kind of bizarre cult. I can see little thumbprint pictures of my balding ex boyfriend, and my other ex boyfriend (who, BTW is using a totally old picture! He is not that thin anymore) and the guy I had a crush on, nope can't stalk him either. I have to actually admit to my creepy ways, fess up, and virtually come crawling back..."will you be my Facebook friend?".
It has a whole weird its not you its me but I want to still be friends vibe written all over it. I'm probably going to break down and shoot them an email at some point...pure curiosity. I have no bad feelings towards them, I don't even remember why I broke up with the one guy. Anyways, I digress.
So, all you Facebook cult members, tell me why you love Facebook so much. Because the whole no stalking thing threw me for a little loop, it lost a little bit of my excitement'.
Give me back that lovin' feeling!