Thursday, November 02, 2006

Always our babies

My 4 year old, Cailin, has a loft bed. So when she falls asleep other places other than her bed, which happens almost every night, we have to lift her up into bed. It's about at my shoulder height so it is much easier for Steve to do than myself, but I can get it accomplished if I need to. I kind of just roll her out of my arms over the rail and into the bed. Steve, however, turns her face down to lay her down, and she always grabs onto his arms and doesnt want to let go, which he complains about but secretly loves.

So I said to him,
"I just lay her on her back its easier to just roll her into bed. "

His response...
"Yeah, but she sleeps so much better if I lay her on her tummy."

We will always look at them as babies no matter how old they get.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

But we still love her

The struggle to actually get to church on time is sometimes overwhelming. It doesnt matter if church starts at 8:30am, 11:30am, or 2:30pm. I will be late!
But, this past Sunday it was actually going to happen. We were all wearing outfits that didnt require any ironing. The bag was packed, everyone had eaten. Shoes were on, just one last thing to do. Put the cat in the kitchen. If you all dont remember my cat, she is a piss machine. She will pee on any part of the carpet and doesnt really prefer her kitty litter.
I lift up the cat, Skeeter, start walking towards the kitchen and she pees on me. Yes, she lets it all go right directly on me. Warm cat urine runs all down the front of my dress, down my leg and into my shoe.
I had to undress, take a shower, scrub in the shower and then somehow find another non-ironing outfit in my closet. We were 1/2 hour late to church that day, nothing unusual, thats how late we usually are. Just another typical Sunday.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Portland or Bust

Just a tidbit of advice. Business trips should be left only to the individual that is directly involved in the business at hand. Under no circumstances should the spouse and kids agree to tag along for fun. Because people, let me assure you, there is no fun to be had in this situation.

Initial Conversation:
Steve: Hey, I have to go to Portland for a meeting would you like to come along?
Jenny:How many days would you have to work?
Steve: All of them.
Jenny: What would the girls and I do for 3 days?
Steve: Explore Portland.
Jenny: (with warranted hesitation in my voice) Hmmm, I don't know.
Steve: The hotel has an indoor pool.
Jenny: Sure, we'll go.

We planned on leaving 9am on Sunday morning. We knew that would never happen but it's always fun to live in a ridiculous fantasy world every once in a while. Typically we leave 1-2 hours after our proposed time. Our reason for leaving early this time was to be able to get a glimpse of Mt. St. Helens from the observatory. Unfortunately, it was a typical Seattle day of complete overcast and rain so we didn't rush ourselves and we took our time getting out the door. Steve did a little more behind schedule relaxing than the rest of us, he was actually able to squeeze in an entire Pro football game and pull out a pair of pants, underwear and a shirt for me to pack. He was working hard. Everyone (the girls and I) was ready to go, shoes were on, bags were packed. He assured me repeatedly, only 3 more minutes left in the game, which in actual game time lasted a entire 47 minutes! Finally, late afternoon, we were off. We actually had to stop to eat lunch before we even left Kirkland. That's okay because we stopped at Kidd Valley which has enormous super yummy cheeseburgers with real Cheddar cheese instead of plastic American cheese.
Once we actually get on the road everything was going just fine. Kids are watching a Garfield DVD, I am reading my book (no, I do not get car sick, aren't I lucky?). That's when the weekend officially began. The sun began to miracuously peek through the clouds right into my eyes and I reach down to grab my sunglasses, and I just kept right on reaching because they were gone.
Jenny: "Where are my sunglasses, they were right here in the front pocket of my backpack, where are they?"
Steve: "Oh, I thought you knew, they fell out of your backpack into the parking lot as you were getting into the car, I thought you knew."
Are you kidding me? Did you just verbalize that sentence? Why would a person not say anything, why would the assumption automatically be that I have super human hearing that while my children are yelling at me from the back seat, my husband is talking to me, traffic is less than 100 yards away and I am carrying 30 pounds of DVD's, jackets, snacks and toys that I would be able to hear a small pair of $30 plastic sunglasses drop to the pavement in the parking lot?
Im one that gets irritated and annoyed when people state the obvious, but I guarantee, in this instance, I would not have been upset, because whether you realize it now or not, that would not have been stating the obvious! We have since agreed to disagree about this situation.
We pull over into a gas station to use the pay phone because as you might remember my cell phone was sent through the wash, rinse and dry cycles of our washer/dryer in the cargo pocket of Steve's shorts and Steve's cell phone is AWOL. We get new ones this Sunday we are both very excited! I had to beg the clerk not to force me to buy a pack of cheap gum in order to get change and then proceeded to the public phone where I placed my clean cheek on a germ infested handset of a phone at a highway gas station to call the office at our Townhome complex and ask the underpaid nice man answering the phone to go out to the parking spaces next to the garbage can in the dark pouring rain to retrieve my $30 plastic sunglasses which may or may not still be there.

Update: They were still there, crushed into 3 pieces, most likely by our own vehicle as we pulled out of the parking space on our way to our fantastic weekend in Portland.

The rest of the drive was primarily uneventful, we listened to Garfied and Elmo from the back seats and attempted to ignore our children as they made ridiculous requests and comments.
The next day Steve leaves for work and it is my first day in Portland with my girls, what are we going to do? Eat a yummy glamorous continental breakfast downstairs. Mistake. I should have ordered room service. They offered french toast, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, biscuits, gravy, potatoes, bagels, toast, muffins. My girls want a Micky Mouse pancake. We leave with our bellies filled with the following. Avrie ate ice, Cailin ate 1/4 of a Belgian waffle, and I had the rest of her waffle, cold and some cold potatoes. Avrie cried almost the whole time, and fell out of her highchair once.
Oh, I forgot to mention. Both my kids are sick with colds!
Okay, that didn't go very well. Breakfast buffets are not meant for a mother alone with 2 kids.
Lets try something new. We decide to ride the free streetcar downtown. We found a fun toystore. The kids wandered around forever. Cailin bought 2 stuffed animals with all of her allowance to add to her already ridicuously large collection. But apparently this horse and penguin are different and much better than the ones she already has. What better way to learn about the value of money than by wasting it on crap.
Next we have to go to Whole Foods to buy meds for the kids. Halfway between the toy store and the grocery store Avrie began crying and didn't stop for another 3 hours. The grocery trip involved a scene of myself running frantically around the store screaming Cailin's name with Avrie in the sling and my breast half exposed (Avrie had been nursing in the sling) pushing a completely empty cart around with me for no reason at all. That's when a woman comes walking up from the exact opposite of the store with Cailin in hand. She was in the bakery looking for me. I've almost set the record for how many times in a 6 month period I can lose my 4 year old child for 15 minutes or more. I'm so far on quite a roll.
So, I hurriedly grab our meds, some snacks, my heart in the produce section and my breath in the snack aisle and leave. It's always good to end on a high note.
Unfortunately by this time it is lunch time and I am obligated to feed and nourish my children on a regular basis. Its in the contract.
So, we stop at Baja Fresh. Avrie by this point has discovered the homeopathic meds we bought and is completely obsessed with trying to open them. By the way, she still really hasn't stopped crying. By the time the food is ready the crying has escalated because of her frustration with the twisty contraption the pills are trapped inside of. I whoof down my food at great speeds, shove a chicken taco into the mouth of my compliant 4 year old daughter, look around to make sure there aren't any gypsies around to tempt me. (I could have made a few bucks with Avrie) and made a dash for it to the nearest streetcar to take us to our temp home.
Ahhhhh, a nice dip in the pool and hot tub and once again I am manipulated into thinking this pseudo vacation will be fun.
The next morning breakfast ended with Cailin wanting Lucky Charms (which they dont have) Avrie eating ice and one bite of waffle, Cailin eating again 1/4 of a waffle and I actually ate warm food this time. A little better than the day before.
We decided to take the street car downtown one more time to go to Hannah Anderson, a ridicuously overpriced but cute children's clothes store. Cailin loves to try on clothes (what girl doesn't). It ended in disaster. Avrie cried from the moment we stepped foot into the store. They had toys and a train table but any time I stepped even 3 feet away from her she would dramatically throw herself to the floor, smack her head on the tile and then wail in misery. Happy -happy-joy-joy. We left quickly. Poor Cailin, she is such a good sport.
The next series of events is by far the highlight of my trip.
We jump onto the street car because we have to meet Steve back at the hotel for lunch. Avrie is crying before we even get on but I figure I can distract her or nurse her or cast a magic spell on her. None of the above work. Instead, she actually throws herself onto the nastiness of the floor of the streetcar, refusing to let me even touch her. She just lays there and screams on this crowded public transit street car. People walk over her, around her, almost on her. They pretend like its not happening, some give me a look of disapproval, others offer their condolences with their eyes. It is definitely my crowning glory as a mother. Then I start getting a glare from an irritating older woman sitting behind us who begins to offer annoying moth ball ridden old lady advice.

Irritating old woman: "Do you think she would stop crying if you gave her this rootbeer candy to suck on? Its sweet."
Me: " Sure, it will have immediate effects and shut her right up, and then I will just dislodge it from her windpipe when we reach our destination."
Irritating old woman: "Maybe she is hungry, do you have a bottle?"
Me: "Oh, what a good idea, why didn't I think of that. I thought it would be better and easier if we all just started throwing bits of bread and rotten vegetables at her, she's liable to find it amusing and maybe ingest a little as well."
Irritating old woman: "Have you tried holding her?"
Me: "Oh no, once you hold them that's all they want from you, human contact. I make it a strict policy to only drag my children around by their ankles when we go places."
Irritating old woman: I'll just sit here with my fingers plugged into my ears in an obvious manner while I scowl at this horribly insane mother, maybe that will shut her damn kid up.
Me: Go shove your rootbeer candy up your ass.

About 10 minutes later as the bus cleared of its passengers (total of 20 minutes) the screaming subsided to whining which quieted to moaning and then silence. Yes folks, my beautiful blue eyed, porcelain skinned, blonde hair baby cried herself to sleep sprawled out and face down in public transportation shit.
And that my friends is why the next time someone asks you to accompany them on a business trip, with courage in your eyes and surety in your voice, stand up and say, No, No Thankyou, I think we'll just stay home.
PS. If you ask Cailin what her favorite part of the trip was, she will tell you..."The spinning office chair in the hotel room." Oh, to be 4 again!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My parenting the funny farm with you!

Quick post! I have to go in a minute because a member of the Bishopric is coming over in a moment to offer me a calling at church. Hmmmm, Im very curious. The only calling I would turn down on the spot would be anything dealing with cubscouts. Ethically, I just couldnt accept that job. Anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with tying knots, making little wooden cars, rubbing sticks together and any type of badges or ceremonies, Ill consider wrapping my brain around.
But, the reason for the post. Last night Steve put his foot down at dinner with Cailin. We fight her every single night at dinner to eat. Some parents have no problem with kids that pick around their plate, and eat tons of snacks before and after dinner but we do. Im trying to teach my child healthy eating habits, the importance of sitting together at dinner as a family and to not waste. Steve informed her that tonight she will get 1 warning and if her whining continues, no dinner. She immediately broke into sobs and declared..."You just want me to DIE!!!" This comment stemmed from us repeatedly telling her the reason we eat food is so our bodies can grow and we wont die.
So, now that I have properly screwed up my daughters perception of life and priorities. I now wonder, as an adult will she be attending therapy only once a month or have I just escalated her to weekly sessions with the local shrink?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cailin's Preschool adventures

I have a few minutes to give an update while Cailin is at school and Avrie is picking up the massive amount of shoes that my children own and putting them in the enormous basket from which Cailin dumped them all out looking for flip flops. Keep in mind its been pouring for 2 days, therefor flip flops are pretty much not going to keep her feet warm and dry. We settled on tennis shoes.
Cailin started school on Friday with 1/2 of her classmates, the other 1/2 started on Thursday. We had the cameras all charged and ready to go, daddy came home from lunch to see her off. The bus pulled up, it picks her up directly in front of our door. I walk her onto the bus to strap her in. Yes, there are seatbelts on this bus, not only are there seatbelts but there are also harnesses that resemble a carseat. You flip down the seat cushion and voila, there is a built in car seat. Cailin refuses to ride in that. Anyways, I walk her on to strap her in and she notices another mom riding the bus with her daughter. Steve and I were actually going to drive and meet her at school to say goodbye but once she saw that other mom her attempted brave independence was shoved into her pocket for the moment and she wanted mommy to ride with her. No problem, Steve was home. So we get on the bus together. 1/2 through the trip, after 3 other kid/parent pickups, I look down and realize I am still wearing my apron from breakfast. Slightly embarassing but not too horrific. They probably just thought my fashion sense was a little skew.
The teachers pick up the kids right at the bus, unstrap them and walk them all in a line to the classroom. Cailin did not want me to stay and told me she was going to be happy, and she was!! She loves school. She loves the painting, the music, stories, especially the playground (she does the monkey bars the whole time, she is obsessed and actually really good at them), she loves the play kitchen, the teachers and their pet tartanula named Linda.
I miss her during the day, but she is having so much fun. Avrie has been taking a nice long nap during the time Cailin is gone so I have about 2-3 hours completely to myself. Unless you count our little 4 yr old neighbor Luke who comes in a couple times, hangs out on our back porch and yells stories and jokes at me through my sliding glass door. "Jenny, do you want to be WonderWoman?" Hmmmm, Ive never thought about that.
Oh no!!! Just looked down, Avrie is nursing and is starting to fall asleep again. No, no, no, not at 3:15pm, I dont think so. Gotta go distract and make happy. Ill finish later.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School & Cannibalism

Okay, like all my blogs lately this one is going to be quick.
Cailin got into Preschool!!! Yippee!!
It sounds so silly but since Preschool here in Seattle in free in the public schools and is also on top of that...amazing, there are limited spaces. So, they take the kids that either have the most problems or special needs or the ones that just need it the most. Its all done by a point system. So, of course, in my attempt to gain as many points as possible. I described Cailin's personality exactly, not leaving out a single angelic detail, and did not tell a single white lie, yes folks, its all true!
They actually called a couple months back to do a follow up on her application. They asked questions about her constant fragile emotional state, her bossiness, and her "Atlas" complex. (For those of you who don't know, that is one of our little nicknames for Cailin, she always walks around as though the wait of the world is on her shoulders). Hmmm, would I rather have a child nicknamed Atlas or Hannibal? Well, guess what? I have one of each!
We also gained some needed points since she just moved away from 7 first cousins, 4 grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles and 2 very good friends.
I got a call this morning, there is a spot available for we want it? Hell YES!! So, in a couple weeks, Cailin will be in school 4 days a week, for 3 hours.

While my sister and her girls were recently visiting us here in the great Puget Sound, my Hannibal Lector (17 month old Avrie) bit my niece. No, not just an, "Im a little angry Im going to nip you on the shoulder" NO, this was a full fledged flesh wound, on the jaw, bleeding, crying, neosporn, yes that correct, ointment had to be applied, and a bandage!! My daughter, my little hellion of a child, attacked her sweet, loving, older cousin. Oh yes, Ashey is a full 6 years older that Avrie, the culprit. Age, strength, and pure maturity was no match. I am still completely embarrassed that a child of mine caused an injury that will actually need time to heal. Ugh! Well, Avrie is sleeping and I need to pee! Talk to y'all soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I miss him!!!

Here is my heart felt apology for being absent for so long. But I have been in mourning. Recently I lost a dear, close friend. Since moving to the Seattle area, we had become so close. We communicated often, spending long hours together, usually in the late afternoon between the hours of 3pm - 6pm. But one day when I needed my friend the most, I was in desperate need, I called and called and called but I received no response. After further investigation it became a sad reality to me. My car horn had died!! It doesn't even make a slight squeak. All I need, at the very least, is a muffled cough, just to satisfy my own intense anger and frustration and whichever insanely slow and stupid Seattlite is driving in front of me, but it wont even give that to me...nothing!!! I feel so alone and vulnerable on the roads, backstreets and freeways. Im praying that my friend will one day come back to me. My car is due for an oil change, maybe something can still be done. Ill keep you informed.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

At last they are tamed

Steve left this morning to get his hair cut. In the past he has always bravely (as I say) sauntered into a 'Great Clips' or 'Cost Cutters' or some other place that minimally requires a 4 hour video course certification and your word that you haven't killed anyone in the past 6 months, most specifically with scissors. He usually goes on a Saturday morning, right when they open. He walks in, puts in his name, asks the wait, and if it's longer than 20 minutes...he bolts. Too much precious time waiting reading hair magazines and staring at all the other waiting men's shoes. Maybe if the odds of him getting the cute girl he might up the allowed time to 25 minutes, but that's pushing it. He has to weigh the perks (no pun intended), is it worth the extra wait to be able to legally stare at voluptuousness as she cuts the front of his hair. And what if he gets sweaty, stinky hair grease dude instead. Hmmmmm, what a decision. Should he take the chance?
His pre hair cutting ritual- he has to take a shower before going, let the earth spin off its axis if he actually has to pay extra for them to wash his hair. And, he has informed me that no man, no respectable man, would ask to have his hair washed before cutting. Apparently that is absolutely ridiculous.
Well, since moving to the greater Northwest, our lives have changed in many ways.
-I've been sick for almost the entire 4 months.
-Cailin has found a friend next store that likes to yell "F!!! off" towards her through our sliding glass door when he doesn't get his way.
-Our kids wont go to bed until 10pm because the sun is as bright as it is at noon.
-And the jumbles in the newspaper are amazing.
But, the biggest change...okay not the biggest but a pretty good perk. Steve has actually started going to an actual hairdresser. Yes, you read correctly, not a person wielding scissors who can somewhat cut a straight line. An actual person who went to school, knows about thinning hair, razor cutting and washes and massages, no extra charge.
But today, he came home, and guess what she had done? She trimmed, she tamed the webs of wiry hair that pertruded off of his brow, right above his eyes. Some people call them eyebrows. Steve's had gone beyond that description. They, at any moment could have reached out and attacked. "They"? Well, actually "It" because it was slightly connected in the middle (I won't use the dreaded word) but I would find myself gently pulling one or two small hairs from the middle as he was in his deepest sleep. (He has no idea, shhhhh). I am so excited!!! His crazy, dark, bushy, loooong, untamed brows, have been tamed. So handsome!!! Now if we could only get him to a cosmetic podiatrist. (Is there such a thing?)

Things you thought you would never have to say to or about your children...
"Avrie, dont kick the squirrel, it could bite you"
"I think Avrie just fell off the dining room table...again"
"Stop playing with the electrical outlets"
"You have to take off your clothes before taking a shower"
"Please stop playing with my moles!!!"

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Just a brief update. It's 12:30 in the afternoon and I haven't even fed my kids breakfast or lunch yet. Great parenting! Hey, they aren't complaining.
So, I went and got a chest x-ray yesterday. They made me wear a strange belt. Anyways, it turns out I have pneumonia! Oh joy! So, I am taking my first antibiotic in I cant even tell you how long. And, hopefully I will cease from coughing, gagging, vomiting, and crying. Because frankly, I just cant take it any longer.
Avrie is attempting to scale me so Ive gotta go, the peasants are beginning to complain.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What I love about my hubby

Two for Togetherness
Two things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:
1. His extreme patience and laid back personality
2. His thoughtfulness and attentiveness to me
Two compliments you make about your spouse to your friends: (same as above)
1. His sense of humor is hilarious
2. He is an AMAZING husband and father
Two traits you married him/her for:
1. Calm demeanor
2. We mesh so incredibly well, he is absolutely my best friend.
Two days you cherished the most with your husband being together:
1. Our wedding day
2. The births of both of our daughters, after everyone had gone home and we just laid and stared at these amazing beings we created together
Two material things you could give your husband if you just inherited a fortune:
1. Toyota Tacoma, newest model, biggest, every extra feature you could dream of.
2. Permission to quit his job and start his own company
Two things you would miss the most if he left for two weeks:
1. Talking to him about anything and everything when he gets home in the evenings
2. Our relaxing weekends together
Two thoughts that crossed your mind when you first met/saw your spouse: (this is a hard one)
1. I've got to get him to go to a dance with me, I chased him until he said yes, after several nos! (he didn't really like dances)
2. Pretty cute, but the oversized glasses gotta go.
Two favorite dates:
1. Anytime we go to dinner at a really nice restaurant
2. We use to take walks all of the time before we had kids, I loved that!
Two funny odd things you love:-
1. When Im talking to him and I know he's not listening, he always gives me answers that don't match my questions.
2. I call him the armless looker, he looks without his hands and can never find anything.
Two places you have lived with your spouse:
1. Arizona
2. Puget Sound, WA
Two favorite vacations:
1. San Francisco - we didn't take a honeymoon so we took a 1 year anniversary trip instead.
2. France - 2002, we took a 1 day trip to Paris that was fun and relaxing

My declining health

My wonderful husband has courageously taken both Avrie and Cailin to run errands. First he has to go to Target to return the second fan we have purchased, put together and doesn't even turn on. It's a Honeywell product, which I think would be pretty reliable, but that is not the case. Let's see if Steve comes home with our third dead fan. His next adventure will take him across the street from Target to Home Depot. He is going to buy some potting soil so we can transfer Cailin's plants that Vicky planted with her into bigger pots. Plus he is buying more stain to finish our bedroom furniture. He has successfully stained both nightstands and now only has the dresser to stain and some shelves which we haven't even purchased yet. So, my whole point to this paragraph...I have time to give an update of my life.
How is my life lately? Sick, sick, sick!!! I have completely down and out sick for 4 weeks. Is that insane? I am never sick this long. I have a nasty congestive cough, stuffy nose, fatigue, I cant breathe and to top it all off, I seriously pulled some major muscles in my chest from coughing so vigorously. Oh, every time I cough for more than a minute straight my body starts to hurl and I vomit up anything I have eaten in the past few hours. I've decided to give up on eating. After 3 weeks of this insanity I finally took myself to the naturopath. Diagnosis: Upper respiratory Infection. Hundreds of dollars later, my immune system might be better but my illness, still here. So, after some research, Steve and I are going to urge my naturopath into testing for Valley Fever. The incubation period is exact for when I was in AZ last and the symptoms match precisely. I don't know, we'll see.
Oh, I almost forgot about my massage from Hell!! I went in to get a deep tissue massage. It doesn't even sound like it would feel good. Trust me, it doesn't. Basically, since I have been coughing for so long and hunching over when I cough and pulling in all my muscles. My muscles have conveniently attached to my tissue which my therapist had to go in and rip apart. I could actually feel them being torn apart. Nice! She stretched my muscles and gave me a extremely deep deep massage...Ouch!! But it helped, Im actually going back for a second helping this week. So, we emailed the naturopath about the Valley Fever, hopefully he will get back to me tomorrow. I just want to know why this is not going away!!!!!
Im going to put away, or attempt to put away some laundry now.
Sorry for the whining blog, but that's all can offer right now.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Does anyone notice anymore?

Have we become completely sensitized to the carnage that is still occurring over in Iraq? I think so. I myself am guilty of flipping the news station over to another one when they begin reporting of yet another car bombing or insurgent raid in Baghdad. But we have to stop drifting off, we have to continue to be aware. We need to keep talking about it, reading about it. We cant let the people over there become yet another Rwanda, where we turn our heads. You think Im talking about the US soldiers over there? Maybe a little bit, but no, not really. They signed up for this service. They knew when they raised their hand in the air to take whatever vow they take, that the reality of going somewhere dangerous was possibly in their future. That was a choice. Im not saying the reasons for them actually being over there is valid, not even minutely valid. But again, it was a choice to sign up for a military in which they served a government that always has ulterior motives, is never 100% honest, and no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, is and will always be a smidgen corrupt. If they didn't realize these truths before signing away their lives into the service of the military then they should have probably done a little more research. I am grateful for them being there to protect my freedom when it actually needs protecting, for being there when they serve our country in a honest, proud and moral manner.
But back to the people we should still remember. The citizens, the children, the women, the men who just want to live, to work, and to be husbands and fathers. These people might have been oppressed before we invaded their country, but to be honest, we haven't made it much better for them. So, I hope and pray that the US can get their asses out of there without completely destroying our reputation as Americans and the peoples lives right along with it. You don't have to be pro or anti Bush to understand what Im saying. Why do we always have to choose sides? This is just my opinion. Love it or leave it. Read the link I attached, you cant hide your eyes from what's happening in the world, you cant refuse to feel to care or to understand. To be human, to accept that privilege, you have to care, you have to read, you have to acknowledge the realities of the world you live in.
PS. To look at the link I've attached, click on the title "Does anyone notice anymore?"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Twilight Zone

I think I am going to go completely crazy. Here is why.
All day long, I am constantly throwing toys from my kitchen and dining room into the living room. They are then eventually piled up at the bottom of my stairs in an unattractive lump and the house rule is, you are not allowed to climb those stairs empty handed. I don't care what you take up, I don't care where you put it once you get up there. Sometimes its dirty clothes, sometimes toys, often handfuls of shoes, at night it's usually a sleeping child. But you have to take something.
Anyways, last night as I was cleaning up after dinner and like always, throwing toys into our living room. I lobbed a small toy makeup brush of Cailins into the living room, aimed at the bottom of the stairs which happens to be near the fireplace (which by the way, has a sliding chain curtain hanging across it, closing it off, very important info). The small pink and black makeup brush, at very high speed, hit right below the fireplace and then....COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!!!
I swear on my own life that magic or witchcraft or some type of time continuum occurred in my house last night because that makeup brush is nowhere to be found.
I cleaned my living room, spotless, from top to bottom...nothing.
Looked inside the heater, on the other side of the room...nothing.
Took a fork and sifted through the minimal soot still in our fireplace from winter...nothing.
Took a flashlight, looked up inside the fireplace...nothing. (that would have been one talented makeup brush...or thrower)
Rolled up the rug, maybe it magically crawled under the heavy rug after ricocheting off the wall...nothing.
Looked on the mantel...nothing.
IT IS GONE. I swear it is no where to be found. I think Im going crazy. Steve said it came flying across the room at an extraordinary speed, but that wouldn't make it vanish?! Would it?? Did magic happen, did I break some sort of time warp? Will I find it 2 years from now randomly in the middle of the living room.
I cant talk about this any longer. I am seriously going a little batty from this whole experience. Doo-doo-doo-doo--Doo-doo-doo-doo (you have to hum the music from the Twilight Zone to get the full effect)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Freedom!! (almost)

I lost my cat. My 15 year old, blind, hyperthyroid, high blood pressure, heart murmured, urinating cat. It has a happy ending, or not so happy, depending on who's side you are on, mine or the cat's.
Skeeter (the cat), had once again, pissed on my rug. In the same exact spot she has been pissing for the last month. Does she think it's her litter box? She is blind, but I don't buy that excuse for a second. She vindictively does this. I know she does. It's her way of getting back at the humans, showing them, us, even though we think we are in charge, she can still screw up my whole day and throw me completely off by just taking a little squat. I know its malicious, she has always been a non-litter box user.
It first began with her peeing on random articles of clothing that were laying on the floor, just her suttle way of telling us what slobs we were. Steve actually went to work in jeans that had been peed on the night before. He didn't notice until he got to work and this odd smell continued to follow him around. Most people would have gone home to change, bought new pants during lunch, no, not Steve, he plugged his nose and endured, like a man...a gross man. Once, the first night my good friend Tia and I moved in together, we were sitting watching a movie when Skeeter crawled up onto Tia's lap to cuddle, so we thought, but instead actually squatted on her lap and peed. Yes, she peed directly on top of her. She has peed on my leg while sleeping, on Steve's butt in the middle of the night. But, mostly she has it in for our 4 year old Cailin. When Cailin was first born, Skeeter tolerated her, but for some reason, when she got her own big girl bed, that was as much favoritism as this cat could handle. This cat peed on Cailin's bed almost every single day! I have never washed so much bedding in my life. Our laundry detergent bill was outrageous. Why did we keep her? She was my brother Mark's cat, and since he has since passed away, I definitely feel obligated to keep her around. Plus, she is 15 years old, and I think on her way out.
So, on Thursday, the day we were to get our carpets shampooed, Skeeter squatted right in front of me in her make shift, carpet litter box in my living room and peed right in front of me. Bitch!
I immediately threw her outside while I furiously scrubbed the spot. I continued to check on her every 30 minutes or so. Since we have an open back porch, I didn't want her wandering off (or did I?). I had some friends coming over to visit, so while I chatted with them for 1-1.5 hours, Skeeter was left to wander around blind as a bat. After they left, she was gone. Completely gone. I searched everywhere, but right before I was about to give up. I trotted up a steep embankment of a woodsy area, and there she was curled up in a ball laying in some pine needles. I thought that maybe a hawk had carried her off or something, she only weighs 4 lbs. But no, she just got lost. Actually crossed a parking lot magically without being hit by a car, avoided attack black birds that squawk and swoop down onto her and didn't get roughed up by any bully squirrels. I was slightly impressed. But now she is a kitchen, back porch only cat.
Our carpets are nice, shampooed and clean and no cat is allowed on them.
Would I be held accountable for my actions if I just stopped giving her her high blood pressure medication? When I stand and receive my judgment, will He consider that negligence, malicious, or even a little mini-murder? Would He look down on me for my actions? Could I explain I just couldn't endure any longer. This was something greater than I could handle. Im tired of vet visits, medications, cleaning up urine and cat poop, stinky cat food, cat hair, vacuuming litter residue. 15, that's old. Maybe Ill just hold out. I don't know, we'll see.

Friday, May 12, 2006

finally a bedroom

Arent they adorable? You would think that this picture was taken early in the morning, since they are in their pajamas, but it wasn't. It is about noon on a weekday, and the worst part about this picture...they havent even eaten breakfast yet. So sad! This is my new bedspread and my new computer armoire. We are for the first time ever, going to have a bedroom with some color and style. A bedroom that I will actually feel relaxed in, that is, when I am in it...alone!
I just had to post these pictures, but not much writing is going to happen since Avrie is hopping up and down and crying at my sad. :(

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just another weekend of bad parenting

It's 1:15 a.m. My usual blogging time. I actually wasn't planning on posting anything tonight, because honestly nothing remotely worth the effort of typing has occurred today. But I just had to mention that my sweet 6 ft 3 in. husband is cuddling with my coughing sick 4 year old daughter in her loft princess bed. I guarantee in a couple hours my queen bed will consist of myself, the baby Avrie, Cailin and not daddy because he will most likely wake up at 8:00 in the morning covered in a princess and Barbie blanket suspended in a loft bed in a lavender bedroom, no where near his own room or bed. But that is our families favorite past time don't you know, musical beds.
Well, since Im already here at the computer I will bore you with our day today. First of all we didn't even wake up until 10am. Last night at 10:30pm, both kids were still awake. I decided that Avrie just had to go to sleep because at night I get to that point where I just don't want anyone but myself to be awake any longer. As I go upstairs I inform Steve "You are in charge of Cailin." I don't know why I sometimes lapse into my pre-kids, newlywed, stupid girl, code talking language with Steve, because what I actually should have said was "turn off the TV, brush Cailin's teeth, read her stories in her bed and make sure she goes to sleep." But, like an idiot, I spoke in code. He obviously couldn't decode it because when I came downstairs at 11:00 p.m. Cailin is awake watching cartoons and Steve is asleep on the couch. Lovely.
The problem with Steve and I, we are both to blame, is that we are too selfish sometimes to follow through with a consistent bedtime routine. For instance, if Cailin isn't completely ready for bed by 8:30pm on Wednesday she is S.O.L, because LOST comes on at 9pm, and if I don't have enough time to get her to bed before my show, she misses out and usually ends up falling asleep watching our show with us. I know, horrible parenting!
Let's see, what else did we do today? We went to Home Depot to buy stain to stain the 3 pieces of unfinished furniture we have owned since 1997 and are still completely unfinished. We have issues with motivation, commitment and procrastination. At least now we are one step closer. (The stain is still in the trunk of the car, I wonder how long it will stay there?)
We ate lunch/dinner (5pm) (another horrible parenting trait, sometimes we forget to feed our chilren) at a restaurant called Panera, very very yummy!!! I had a Turkey sandwich with Asiago cheese and a spinach artichoke spread. And an amazing salad. I could eat there every day...but I won't. Cailin loves their soups, and Cailin never eats soup, except for at this restaurant. Another reason to love it.
We moved furniture around in our bedroom, faced the bed another way, got rid of our nightstands, they were taking up a ton of room. Plus I couldn't even use mine since the cosleeper sits right in front of it.
Cailin got in a roll and tumble fight with her friend Luke next door at 8 pm (yes my kid was playing next door at 8:00 at night, the sun doesnt even go down until 9pm. I have no idea what happened and why they were fighting. Frankly, I don't really care.
Okay, Im starting to shut down, I am officially tired now. 1:30am.
PS. I'll post pics of our new armoire soon. I know the suspense is killing you.
sidenote: I forgot to make an appt for an eyebrow wax, she was booked all day, now I have to walk around with huge scraggly bushes above each eye. attractive

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hello Seattle, Goodbye Arizona

Wow, I just saw the date of my last post and realized how long I have been out of computer commission. For a while!
Well, y''all remember about how I whipped everyone's asses in Steve's company March Madness pool? I got the $, actually Steve got the $ for me while I was in AZ. which worried me a bit because Steve is not very good at spending intended $ on exactly what it is intended for. A lot of the time it just gets sucked into our daily lives. He pulls $10 out of the envelope one day and then a few days later another $20, so on and so forth. And suddenly it is all gone. But, he maintained his self control and all dinero stayed in the envelope.
So, we went and bought my computer armoire. Hallelujah!!! I don't have to stare at electronic equipment any more. The shooting stars of the screen saver wont haunt me in the middle of the night because Im too damn lazy to walk 5 feet across the room to turn the computer off. It will all be hidden away. The monitor, the computer, the printer, the stack of CD's that are strewn across my room by Avrie every morning while I am in the shower. All our envelopes, paper, labels and various paper material will be gone from sight. I am ecstatic.
But, let me tell you, putting that thing together was a pain in the butt. Im just so glad that I was there to help Steve. He is not one to crack open the instruction manual. Myself, on the other hand, holds the instruction manual as close to my heart as the Bible itself. So, together, 3 days, not too many extra screws, an annoyed 4 year old and an annoying 1 year old later. It is set up, my computer is in it, plugged in, turned on and working.
So, hence part of the reason for my prolonged absence, the other part of the reason. Procrastination and laziness.
The flight home from AZ to WA was uneventful, which are the best kind of flights. We sat next to a very nice college student. He watched "Lady and the Tramp" with Cailin and then chatted it up with her the rest of the way. Nice relief, because when we first boarded I accidentally started plopping us down in the wrong row, next to an old man with hearing aids and a glare that could freeze fire. I was relieved to realize that Im incapable of reading a simple row # and had messed up.
Cailin had a little melt down the morning after we arrived home. It probably didn't help that it was completely cloudy and drizzly that day. She wanted to go back to AZ, she hated it here. "Send me back, send me back right now" It was so sad. She didn't like the cold, she missed her cousins and friends. She wanted to wear shorts, and a swimsuit. It was a total tragedy. She called grandma, she couldn't even console her, this was bad. So, I scooped her up and we got dressed, ate breakfast, and went to our regular Wednesday morning play group. It made it a little better but I think it will just take some adjustment, transitions are not something Cailin does easily.
We made a trip to the Vet yesterday with my 14 year old cat, Skeeter. The night before she was having a very difficult time going to the bathroom and was leaving little droplets of blood everywhere, poor baby and gross! Don't worry, our carpets are scheduled to be shampooed on Thursday. We had to drive 30 minutes because the vet we wanted to see was out at his other office in Lynnwood. No biggy, 30 minutes is nothing, it was practically all freeway. She got some antibiotics (she has never had those before, we are a no antibiotic family unless someone's life is hanging in the balance, but I made an exception for the cat) and is going to get blood work done today. She is the last animal left from all the dogs and cats we inherited from my brother, Mark, when he passed away.
Well, today is grocery day, and unfortunately while I was blogging Avrie (13 mos) fell asleep. She just woke up an hour ago...what a baby!
I know I had called a truce with all the Washington drivers, but let me just say this. PEOPLE, CAN WE AT LEAST DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!!
Thank you, I needed that shout out. Gotta go lay Avrie down, do my hair, force clothes on Cailin and run my cat to the vet. Fun, fun, fun.

PS. I have new pics from our trip to AZ, but again laziness impairs me, I have to remember to bring my wallet up so I can pay kodak gallery for the uploads and then you can see the pictures. Hopefully today sometime. Just keep checking the 3 girls and a boy link.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My fabulous husband

Okay people. You may all think that you have amazing husbands, but hands down, mine beats y'alls!
He planned the most thoughtful, wonderful and unexpected 30th birthday for me, right under my nose and I didn't even have the slightest idea it was happening.
He set me up pretty good though. Steve has this crazy friend Neville, who he talks to a couple times a year. Well, Neville has an incredibly strong Indian accent, I don't think I have ever understood a single word that has left his mouth. Sometimes when he is talking I think that part of the conversation was actually in Indian. For all I know, it was. Just hang on a little bit this will become prudent in a minute. So, Steve told me a few days after we arrived in Arizona that Neville had called, he had a new girlfriend and wanted to get together for dinner. I was somewhat irritated by this because Steve only had a few evenings to see all his family and friends and he was choosing to waste one of them on Neville, a guy that we could potentially have an entire dinner with and never make out a single sentence. Well, a couple days later, Steve decides to add to this by telling me that Neville just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant and they need some advice from me. This also did not sound far fetched because he is constantly asking Steve for advice about everything. You guys are probably all reading this and thinking how did I not see this story teetering on the edge of weird? Well, you guys don't know Neville, this just fits with him. I was totally annoyed about having to give pregnancy advice to this woman, who I don't know and did I mention that she doesn't speak English. Great!! Steve is just playing this story up, adding some crazy detail here and there. He basically is just trying to irritate me just enough but not completely piss me off. He was quite successful. The story, by the way, was 100% a lie.
So, we get to the restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo, has anyone been? I love it, good choice Steve. They walk us to our table and I turn and hear an enormous....
Every one of my friends was there, it was amazing. April, Ryan, Nathan, Crystal, Jared, Tia, Josh, Lee Ann, Heather, Aaron, Josh, Sara, Scott, Mark, Cindi, and of course Steve. I HAD NO IDEA!!!
He planned the whole thing, they had known for almost 2 months. Am I the most oblivious person on this earth or are my friends and husband amazing secret keepers? I think I am oblivious, because my friends and Steve don't have the greatest track records for secret keeping. He decided just to have friends because with all the family (I have a big family) it would have been too crazy plus we had just had a huge family get together a couple days before.He also didn't tell my family what was happening because they have an even worse track record for secret keeping.
But the best part, the absolute bonus, the icing on the cake, the cat's meow, just one more...the take home prize...
NO KIDS!!!!!
Everyone found babysitters, isn't that amazing. Steve mentioned to everyone, we love our kids but this night is all about Jenny. I love being the center of attention, I love an entire evening being devoted to me. We had so much fun.
He had all the food preselected, no menu fumbling, an open bar, the waiter was fabulous and I have to say that is one of my most favorite evenings ever.
You know, the thing about my husband...what makes him such a great husband (don't get me wrong, he has his faults, you can read other blogs about those, but this is 'be nice to Steve' blog)
He knows what is important to me. He knows that I value family and friends above everything else. He knows that since we have moved away from them I miss them more than I've ever missed anything in my life (except my brother Mark). And he knew that if I wasn't able to see every person that was in that room, I would have left Arizona feeling a little sad and disappointed.
So, my sweet guy, thank you for an amazing and fun evening, thanks for giving me my surprise that I've always wanted and thanks for not blabbing. But most of all...thanks for not making me go to dinner with Neville!

New subject . Cailin, my 4 year old girlie girl, was watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, her new favorite movie. During the fight scene towards the end, the White Witch is fighting and killing people, but they showed a glimpse of her flowing silvery skirt and Cailin says in a gleeful voice..."Ooohhhh, that's a pretty dress!!!" There's always room for fashion.
New subject: How huge of an idiot am I to go searching for a chocolate bunny the evening before Easter? The only piece of candy that the Easter Bunny leaves, Cailin looks forward to it all year, and because I am just the hugest procrastinator in the entire universe (and as a warranted Cailin states "A bad mommy"), I almost completely ruined my 4 year old's Easter. But, 3 stores, and 2 one year old temper tantrums later, I emerged from a ridiculously overcrowded grocery store with a chocolate bunny in hand. She better as hell love it!!
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates and to the rest of you, Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My dream flight

So, the other day when I was watching the news, they were doing a segment on airlines. I guess they just came out with all the new statistics for all the airlines, such as lost luggage, delayed flights, customer service, etc. They mentioned that Alaska Airlines was only on time 30% of the time, horrible, they are one of the worst. As a matter of fact, my sister just booked a flight on Alaska Airlines and when it gave her the percentage of her particular flight being on time, it gave 0%! Is that insane? Well, after I saw the news clip I kind of giggled to myself because I was fully aware that just a couple days later I was going to venture onto an Alaska Airlines flight, at night, at bedtime, with a 4 year old and 1 year old, by myself. What are the odds? You are probably wondering at this herself? Why by herself? I thought she was married? Yes folks I am, but my husband has a talent, yes a talent, of scheduling himself away from any situation that involves our two children and an airplane. He is actually flying in 2 days later. Isn't he good?
So, we arrive at the airport on time, actually with time to spare. We snag a luggage cart just sitting there, free. Lucky! I check in, our suitcase is 1 lb within the free limit, anything over 50 lbs, $25. I am feeling great. Look at me, I am so good. We take a little sit down at the Starbucks to have a little drink and pastry...

side note: Steve's dad would not approve of this lounging
behavior before a flight. We have had some bad
situations that arose from taking a little sit down when there was time to
spare. Whenever we indulge in this ritual we always remember Jose, and his
annoying words of wisdom. We listen carefully to all announcements and we don't
cut it too close.

We give our goodbyes to daddy (he has no idea at this point how lucky he really and truly is) and we head through security, no incidences.
And now it begins...
Of course, I knew it was too good to be true, my true luck finally kicks in. Our gate is located at the very, extreme end of the airport terminal About 12.6 miles down a neverending hallway. We arrive at gate C-20, apparently, they have been making an announcement that the gate has been changed...of course, to C-15. Once my brief annoyance had passed, I looked across, just across the way. Thank goodness. We arrive as they are boarding and we get onto the planes. Yea!! We then proceed to sit on a hot stuffy cramped airplane for an entire hour while they attempt to fix a door that is not closing properly. I'm not irritated by the fact that they are trying to fix a door, but come on people. Why the hell would they load 300 people onto a plane and then decide to do maintenance? And, what is the reason they can't turn on the air? After an entire hour they remove us and all of our belongings, and send us completely across the airport to another gate. We are at C we had to go to N, via train to board a new plane.
Once we get to the new gate we wait in the waiting area for about 40 minutes. Cailin is being great this entire time, Avrie is being...well, she is being Avrie. You know, I never have to worry about the politics of nursing in public because Avrie just downright refuses. So, after 40 minutes they start loading us into the new plane. 1st class first. They made an announcement they are going to do things a little differently to make it go smoother and faster, they are going to load the plane from the back forward. A bunch of freakin' idiots. Why don't they always do that? It would make so much more sense. But no, they like to see everyone struggling trying to sneak by the gentleman trying to shove an oversized suitcase into the overhead bin, the two kids arguing about aisle seat or window seat. It is the slowest process ever to board a plane. But since they did it backwards, we were all on the plane and ready to go in 10 minutes. Is it a requirement to leave all intelligence behind when you work for the airlines? Also, they were trying to force me to board first because I have two kids. Are they insane? Are none of them parents? I told them that given our flights current reputation and situation, I will be boarding last. I informed them that I didn't think we were actually going to be leaving the runway any time soon, a little intuition goes a long way sometimes. What person in their right mind preboards with kids? They already are going to have to sit for hours and hours, let them run around until the last possible moment. Steve and I are always battling airline employees about preboarding with our kids and I just down right refuse to participate in that idiotic ritual!!
Okay, we are on the plane taxiing out to the runway, and guess what folks? We have to go back to the gate, the pilots saw flickering lights in the cockpit and we are losing speed. I was right. Unfortunately I was not allowed the opportunity of an appropriate "I told you so" to the airline employee that tried to force me to preboard. So, here is is..."I told you so!"
Another hour later, we are finally leaving, with applause as the plane rises in the air 6 minutes shy of our original Phoenix landing time.
Avrie finally nurses to sleep, Cailin is watching a movie. Quiet. She falls asleep 1/2 way through the movie. At this point I have to pee so horribly that my chest is starting to hurt. Avrie is asleep on my shoulder, there has been bad turbulence the entire time, Cailin is asleep. I can do it! This is pure talent. she didn't even attempt to wake up, slept through the entire 15 minute pee. The release was heavenly. I get back to my seat, all 3 goals accomplished. Bladder emptied, Avrie asleep, Cailin still on the plane.
We arrive at 1:30am, my dad actually was able to meet us at the gate, special pass. He acts like he was treated like VIP because he was extra nice to the counter lady (my dad is a talker and a flirt) Im sure its pretty common, but shhh, don't tell my dad that.
We arrive at my parents house at 2:30am, Cailin gets a second wind and we watch the "Chronicles of Narnia" (again), the entire movie, she did not fall asleep until 4:30am. Crazy kid. We have now owned that movie for 36 hours and I have seen it 4 times!
So, all of you out there. Beware of Alaska Airlines. They have a little bit of a commitment issue, being on time just isn't a priority, they just cant commit to a flight time. Oh well, at least we know they wont fly a plane that is compromised, but the downside...they serve oatmeal raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip...Yuck!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My very own March Madness

I have been a complete slacker when it comes to this blog. The problem is the traffic here in the Puget Sound. I have complained about all the incredibly irritating and annoying drivers and roads and signs and I have finally come to accept all of the roadway faults of the greater Seattle area. So I am calling a truce, I am raising my white flag to all the 1 mph turners, green light sitters, 10 mph under speeders, no sense of urgency putters, am I allowed to turn right on a red questioners, slow down at the green light drivers, and the just plain stupid and slow ones. Continue on with your annoying driving habits, I know I can't change you. I am just one driver from a big city. So, pay attention to my honks, be aware of me in the lane next to you and just get out of my way, and we should all get along just fine in this small suburb of Seattle.
So, the real reason for this blog. I am absolutely amazing!!! For those of you that know me, you know how much I despise basketball. I didn't use to hate it as much as I do. At least I didn't mind it too much, but that was all before I met my husband, Steve. You see, if is a complete basketball fanatic. Since we have had kids he has most definitely calmed down a ton. But the love, the passion, the desire to be a part of the game in any way, shape or form still lies deep down in his very bones. I, on the other hand, can barely tolerate the sound of it on my television.
So, to all basketball fans the past 2 weeks are some of the most important days of their entire year...March Madness!! Every year, Steve enters a March Madness pool. Meaning, they pick teams, pool money, watch games, get points and award winners. It's a silly ritual, but for some reason I really wanted to be a part of it. I have asked in the past to to participate in this little game they play and this is the first year I have entered on my own.
Steve brought home my very own sheet to fill out. I completed it in less than 5 minutes. You start out with something like 60 teams, and then narrow it down to the final winning team. By the way these are College Basketball teams. I chose the names I have heard of, nothing more calculating than that. Well, guess what?
I WON!! First place!!! $300!!!!
So, as I said before, I am freakin' amazing!!
Steve said the only reason I won was because there were a lot of upsets. But I told him, for every upset, there is a very happy team, and those happened to be my teams.
Avrie just woke up and I hate nursing while Im typing. So, I will leave you with that excitement for me. I'm going to buy myself a computer armoire with my money so my bedroom doesn't look like a cubicle at some sales office.
Good night.

PS. We switched our clocks for the time zone change today. Im from Arizona, living in Washington and I'll check back with y'all about this idiotic thing we all do with our clocks. It's like setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier so you're on time to work, but we all know it's set 15 minutes earlier so we still sleep in. But, I'm going to bed now its 11:30pm...or is it????

Monday, March 13, 2006

Multi-tasking? What is that?

Why is it that men, and I know this is not just my husband, are completely incapable of doing ANYTHING while talking on the phone. Instantaneously their hands must go completely numb and their knees must lock in place. Because I cant think of any other reason Steve could not possibly put silverware away into the drawer while talking on the phone. It's not that it needed to be done at that exact moment, that's not the point. I just don't get it. The only explanation I can think of is that he has a penis. Somehow this "dangling participle" (movie quote, "Oscar") prohibits him to accomplish two or more tasks at once. Either that or the presence of breasts makes it possible for us to multitask. Either way, I just wanted the freakin silverware put away. I wasn't asking for him to change the oil in our car, or install a ceiling fan or even change a diaper, just remove one piece of silverware at a time from the tray and place it in it's appropriate location in the drawer directly in front of him, he wouldn't even have needed to move his feet at any point during this task, it's not rocket science! Thank God he doesn't talk on the phone often.

Yeah!!! Hurray for Arizona, it finally got some rain, what was the record? Something like 140 days with no rain. I would have gladly sent some your way but it seems to like it here, the rain of course. You know, I'm going back to AZ in April, with my luck, it will rain the whole time I'm there. My dad loves Murphy's law, it's the outline of my entire life.

Cailin quote of the day "When I'm bigger I'm going to drive safe, I'll be a good driver, not like daddy." I'm not sure where she got the idea that Steve is a bad driver, he really isn't, although he has misjudged the middle lane when merging into traffic, more than once, he likes to play chicken with oncoming traffic in the middle of the night, not on purpose, no, that's just the way he drives :) He has, however, taken on a couple driving characteristics of the Seattlites. Most of all, he is starting to become a slow merger. The people here drive like complete morons. They have no sense of urgency. Not that I have anywhere in particular to go at any given time but at least I act like it and am considerate of others behind me that might. They are all just...stupid!! Today, an emergency vehicle was coming down the road, a divided road, in the opposite lane as myself, my entire lane of idiots slam on their brakes, veer to the side, almost cause accidents themselves, and for what? Nothing!!! It was a divided street!!! What's the ambulance going to do, hop the obtrusive concrete wall? Come on people, get a brain, a little common sense, some driving 101 courses, something, but one of these days I'm really going to have a nervous breakdown driving alongside these imbeciles.
Going to go and search for our remote control now. Bye
PS. I just did a spellcheck and it wanted me to replace freakin with foreskin, I giggled a little like a kid in Junior High.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adventures of Steve's Toothbrush

Every morning I wake up, get Cailin dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair done and then she is allowed to fill her brain with mindless TV watching for 1 hour while I get ready for the day. Avrie, however is not as easily entertained except for with 1 item...Steve's toothbrush. I have tried giving her her own toothbrush, she has a princess one, a Dragon Tales one, a purple one, but they are all quite inferior in Avrie's mind to Daddy's toothbrush. I have thrown my hands in the air and given in. So, as I wash my face, brush my own teeth, put on makeup, do my hair. Avrie has her morning ritual with Steve's toothbrush.
First she brushes her own 6 teeth...

Then she brushes her hair...

Then, of course, she has to clean up after herself, so she gives the sink a little scrub down...

When we are both finished with our morning routines, we replace it back in its original location, and nobody knows a thing. Steve goes right on using that toothbrush and Avrie goes right on sharing it with him...he has no idea. At least he didn't until he reads this. The funniest thing about all of this. If I know my husband, and I know I do. He will go right on using that toothbrush with no hesitations about it. For two reasons: 1. He's too lazy to buy a new one 2. He really doesn't care.
What a great dad!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good times at the local Volcano

For those of you who know my spirited 4 year old and our family, this picture makes total sense. For the rest of you, let me explain. We have added this picture to our photo album we like to call "Pictures of Cailin crying in fabulous places". We have pictures of Cailin crying in San Diego at the beach and Sea World; the beach in San Sebastian, Spain; Paris; New York City; The Renaissance Festival; Christmas; Birthday Parties; and now this picture at Mt. Rainier, Washington.
She has a habit, a very annoying habit, of taking a wonderful experience, a time when everyone is having a great time and making it all about Cailin throwing a temper-tantrum. This particular breakdown involved purple gloves which she continued to insist were falling off. They, in fact, were not. But, who am I to judge.
Prior to this picture we actually were having a fabulous time. The weather was perfect, and she was having so much fun sliding down the hill, which, by the way, they have designated specifically for children 5 and under. How smart is that. So much different than my days as a kid being forced to play in the snow.
My dad would drag us all up to Northern Arizona to a place called the gravel pit. Sounds like it's full of great times. Just a huge pit with snow in it. We would wear sweatpants on top of Jeans, with socks and tennis shoes. Perfect outfit to repel water, yeah right. We were walking sponges!! Frozen to the bone, sopping wet and freezing cold. And I'm really surprised no one ever had to be transported to the hospital. Like I said, at Mt Rainier they have designated sled hills. At the gravel pit in Arizona, it was every kid for himself, slide wherever your little heart desires. Here is proof that the kids had fun. See, she's smiling!!

We could have gone to play in the snow much closer to our house (20 min) but we didn't think that was risky enough. No, we like to live our lives a little more on the edge. We drove closer to the volcano (Mt Rainier - 2 hrs) that, as I have been told, could erupt at any given moment. There are actual signs that tell you to visit at your own risk. Actual hot ash could spew down the mountain and kill us all! But, who has time to care about that when you are playing in the cold, wet snow. In the brochure, it tells you the longer you visit Mt Rainier the more risk you are placing yourself in. A couple other funny things in the brochure "If you are attacked by a brown bear, fight back aggressively" "If you are attached by a mountain lion, fight back aggressively" Well hell, I'm not just going to lay there and enjoy it. Duh!! And the good time was all solidified by the amazing Salmon with a lemon/dill sauce I had for dinner at the Mt Rainier National Parks Inn Restaurant. It's always about the food.

Okay, I'm going to end this blog now because I am very distracted by a Law & Order: SVU episode I have never seen and I thought I had seen them all. Blog later. Goodnight

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Strange child

Okay. Why is it that my 4 year old will eat an entire bowl of rice and fresh spinach with an orange sesame dressing on top, but wont even think about touching the piece of chicken I made to go along with it.
She'll eat an entire bag of Pistacios but goes insane if she is even in the vicinity of popcorn. All the crusts (or as she calls them skins) of every piece of bread she eats has to be taken off, courtesy of her Abeula. She likes Broccoli but won't even think about eating corn. Isn't that every child's favorite pseudo vegetable?
She loves cottage cheese but looks at you funny if you try to hand her a piece of craft sliced cheese.
All the skin has to be peeled off of every piece of fruit and her absolute favorite lunch... Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimp and pork, with a peanut sauce to dip them it.
But, she is obsessed with gum and candy (can only have 1 a day), and could watch TV all day long and be completely content if I let her. (only 1 hour a day).
So, don't think she is perfect!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweet Dreams

Look what I just walked downstairs and found at 1:30a.m. Aren't they adorable? Notice they are not in bed. Like I said before, no one in our house sleeps where they are suppose to. I've accepted it, it's just the chaotic way we love to live our lives in the Vergara household.

I don't understand, how could anyone not just love sleeping with their babies? I can understand the frustration of having a 2 year old who does gymnastics in his sleep in bed with you, but a baby? Come on! The way they just relax when they are next to you, pure joy. I love sleeping with Avrie (I would love it a lot more if she didn't nurse all night long, but hey, it's part of it right?). Sometimes when she starts to stir, I can just wrap my arm around the top of her head and she immediately stops flopping around.
There is nothing sweeter than a dad being a daddy. The way Steve plays with his girls is amazing. Every day Cailin watches out the window for Steve to come home from work and when he pulls into the parking lot, she runs and hides. Sometimes she has even built a huge fort out of cushions and pillows to hide in. Then Steve walks in the door and pretends he has no idea where she is and begins searching. He'll even ring the doorbell of her fort to see if she is home. She looks forward to that every day. He's an amazing daddy and his girls love him to death. And their mama thinks he's a pretty great guy too!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Successful Ear Piercing

Okay, here she is, the newest pierced member of the Vergara family! Don't her little ears look so cute?
I took her without Steve. He was completely traumatized by Cailin's ear piercing (Cailin cried for 1 minute and then was more concerned by the fact that she was allowed to pick anything she wanted from Claires - a girlie girl's paradise!) Steve, on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about the entire experience and talked about it for weeks afterwards. So, like I was saying we attempted Avrie's ear piercing without Steve and it was very successful! She barely cried, just a couple tears. She cries harder when we don't give her a cracker fast enough. She is not very fond of the 3 time a day ear cleaning which takes a whole of 15 seconds, but she tolerates it.
Cute Cailin quote of the day, "Daddy, you're not the one who is right, you are giving mommy another headache!" That's my girl.
Avrie has completely taken every scrap of paper and credit card out of Steve's wallet which I gave her to keep her off my lap. I will leave it strewn on the floor and pretend I don't know about it. Good night!

Another Driving Adventure

I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures of where I live, so I'll try to remember to take my camera when we are out and about. But, here is the first one for you. This is the view from our bedroom window, the front of our complex. Not very exciting. And yes that is what it usually looks like, grey and dreary, although in this picture there is a little more light than usual trying to filter through, the oppresive Seattle air would never allow the sun to shine all the way through but sometimes it is permitted a small peak.
Yesterday we went to the zoo for the first time here in Washington. I have never been to a zoo with snow on the ground. There
wasn't much but it was still quite strange. They actually warned us to walk carefully because it might be a little icy and slick. So, I bundled up the girls, figured out how to get there and headed out for our adventure. It's actually a really beautiful zoo, even in the winter. (Their Orangutan exhibit sure beats The Phx Zoo) I'm sure in the summer, with everything in bloom and green it is absolutely gorgeous. It will be fun to make a whole fun day out of it, I can't wait, but that wasn't yesterday. It was freezing!! Why does it have to be so cold? It's completely unnecessary. Although they do have some cool animals that we aren't able to see in Phoenix. Like, a snow leopard and penguins. We didn't get to see the whole zoo because, like the unprepared mom that I am, I forgot to bring adequate snacks to tide the kids over past lunch time so, we headed home...or so we thought.
You know in your life when they tell you that even one little mistake can lead to horrible consequences. Well, the same theory applies to driving in Seattle. First of all, nothing is marked here, no signs telling you where you are, where you are going or what lane you should be in. No, that's not completely true. There are signs, they are just stupid or meaningless. For example, there is a sign in my town that says 405 OK (405 is the name of a freeway, and apparantly it is okay to drive on it) What the hell? That doesn't even make sense! There is another sign on the Alaskan Highway, wait I will get to that in a bit.
So, apparantly when leaving the zoo, one lane can either go straight and under an overpass or the same lane can go through the intersection and ontop of the overpass. Well, note to everyone...when leaving the zoo, don't go straight!! It will eventually turn and take you to the longest road in the history of roads to ever not have any way to get off of it. At some point I was thinking it will let me make a left turn and I can just flip a U, but no. There is an enormous horrific concrete wall dividing the street, which after driving for 10 miles became a freeway, which then 10 miles later became a highway. Yep, still no way of getting off! Oh, at this point we are now halfway around the entire city of Seattle, driving on, what Steve mentioned to me just 4 days prior, an elevated highway so unstable the city wants to tear it down and build it underground. You guessed, still no turn off. We have passed all the stadiums, we can no longer see the downtown, we've passed all the ferries and cargo ships. The highway turns back into a street, and we are finally able to make a left hand turn on what street? Diagonal Way! Does that sound good to you?
We eventually make our way back onto the highway from hell, the Alasken Hwy. Oh, did I mention that the people in the car consist of myself, my friend Josh from Arizona, a 4 year old and 11 month old? We saw a sign for the 220, which is what we wanted, it said "220 - Right lane", so we stayed in the right lane, but nothing happened, no 220 appeared. So, we decided we were not going to take that Hwy/Rd/Frwy/Ave thing all the way back to the zoo. With our luck we will just make the original mistake again and relive my own hell.
So, we venture into Downtown Seattle. This is not good, and I will tell you why. Seattle is built on a 90 degree angle! Your car has to magically climb mountains disguised as common roads. It is completely terrifying to drive there. As I wait at each stop light, shaking, my heart about to pound directly out of my chest, I'm just praying that my brakes are working perfectly because kiss ass behind me hasn't given me much room for error. When that light turns green, my feet have never moved so quickly from the brake to the gas, all the time releasing the clutch perfectly as to not stall and careen 10 blocks backwards straight into the ocean or lake or whatever enormous body of water surrounds Seattle. I hate those hills, they scare the crap out of me.
We eventually make it onto the correct freeway (apparantly, when they said 220 -right lane, they meant g
et off in downtown Seattle, go straight, make a left on Mercer, then a right on 2nd Ave. straight again, then another left on 1st and a right turn onto the freeway entrance which is largely and clearly labeled but completely obvious. And that is how you get to the 220 by staying in the right lane.) We returned home, that should have only take 20 minutes but turned into 1 hour. Fun!!
Today, with Steve, we went and saw Sqwahomie Falls, I ahve no idea how to spell it and I'm not going to find out how right now, I'll let you know in another blog. It was really pretty. The upper deck lookout scares me to death and I wouldn't let Steve stand near the edge (even though there is a fence) because he was carrying Avrie in the backpack and I'm a paranoid freak. We hiked down to the bottom of the falls, Cailin in the backpack and Avrie in the sling. The walk down was, as it always is, fast and fun. When you have to walk back up those hills. Yikes! Plus with Avrie in the sling, I felt like I was going hiking 9 months pregnant. Good exercise and gorgeous. Completely worth it!
Well, Avrie has nursed about 5 times since I have started typing this, she is now NAK (nursing @ keyboard), so we will now say goodnight.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Such a slacker

I've been such a slacker lately with my blog. I've been completely uninspired. Nothing exciting or annoying has happened to me lately. But, I'll give you a short run down of my life.
Cailin has found her soulmate. His name is Jonah, and he is completely adorable. They are the perfect match. Cailin has just enough roughness in her to satisfy him and he has just enough gentleness in him to satisfy her. They run around holding hands, they don't want anyone else to play with them, just the two of them, together. It's sooo adorable. And, a bonus... his mom is great!!! She had her last baby at home, she breastfeeds, her husband is going to school to become a homeopath, and best of all...the first time we went over to her house, it wasn't clean! Hallelujah!!! She's not a super-crazy mom...just normal! Mormon, but not Molly. Wonderful!
My friend Josh is visiting us this week, it's been nice having a familiar face around. It's forced me to actually venture out of my 5 square mile radius I call home and explore a little. We saw the Space Needle. It was fun to see the whole city from so high up, we could see Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens and some other volcanoes that might eventually explode and take mine and my families lives while I'm living in this God Forsaken Gloomville. But, to be completely honest, I'm not sure the point of this structure. It was built for the 196something world fair. But, why? And, my bigger question...who funded it? Probably the government. They like spending all of our hard earned money on things that look pretty, look good in photographs but serve no function at all! Let's see what else did we do? Oh, we went to Pikes Place Market, you know the place where they throw the fish. Lots of fun little stands and restaurants and markets. Cailin picked out 2 really pretty watercolors for her bedroom, and Josh picked up some really gorgeous Japanese prints. I'll tell you this, the food so far has been amazing!! The seafood and so fresh and everywhere you go you can always count on getting a cup of crab bisque or clam chowder. It melts in your mouth.
It's been pretty chilly this week, it hasn't actually rained but it really wants to. I'm sure it will let go soon.
Avrie now has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. She is nowhere near walking but I much prefer that. Keep them on all fours as long as possible, as long as she walks before summer. Its easier at the parks that way. Cailin is still taking dance class and loves it.
An announcement! I will be in Arizona, April 4-25th! I hope to pick up a little color while I am there, I've become quite ghostly.
Well, Avrie is wanting to type with me and is freaking out since I'm not letting her. Bye

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Steve's grocery store adventure

First of all...

For those of you who know my husband Steve, he is not so great at navigating his way through a grocery store. We had some videos to return tonight, we had to return them tonight or they would be 3 days overdue instead of just 2 days, and if that happens we might as well just paid for the 5 day rental up front instead of the 1 day, but if we return them after 2 days, we only pay late fees for one day and it is still less than the initial 5 day rental. I'm glad you all understand that.
I was going to do the returning because I also needed to pick up some laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent at the grocery store. But Avrie was refusing to give up my nipple so I could take it along with me to the store and since it doesn't detach very well I was not free to run this errand. So, Steve had to go. I wasn't even going to ask him to pick up my 2 grocery items but did mention to him on his way out that a little dessert would be nice. Maybe a "Warm Delight". Has anyone had these? Yummmmm!! Chocolate gooey fudge cake, heated up nice and warm. Delicious!
Of course I get a call from Steve standing in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store. I always get a minimum of 2 calls every time I send him to the store, no matter what he is picking up. After looking for a few minutes he calls me, I tell him they are in the dessert aisle (he thinks that's the cookie aisle). Another call later I inform him it's the baking goods aisle. He goes up and down the aisle. Up and down, up and down. Another call later, he still can't find it. I tell him to ask. But at this point he has now been standing in the same aisle in his pajama bottoms, a leather jacket and clogs for a full 30 minutes just staring blank eyed like a mental patient. He has been humiliated enough for one night, so he buys some Hostess Cupcakes and comes home. I guarantee you tomorrow I will walk into that aisle and immediately find them. I thought it was hilarious.
This story is probably funnier to me than you because I am deliriously tired. I was awakened this morning at 5am by my 15 yr old blind cat taking a piss on my leg. Yes, you read that correctly. She didn't pee on my bed or on a pile of clothes she actually peed directly on top of my legs. This is not the first time she has peed on top of someone. She peed on my good friend Tia the first night after we had moved into our new apartment. We were watching a movie and just crawled right up onto her lap and let it go all over her. She has actually peed on Steve several times (he is usually the one she targets, I'm not sure why I was lucky enough to be chosen this very special time. I do so feel lucky and loved). Anyways, I stripped my pajamas off, layed on the floor nursed Avrie to sleep, went to the bathroom and when I came back in the bedroom found Avrie (10 months old) sitting up, happy as can be, ready to start her day. JOY!
Oh, I also spent the day with a crazy woman. Someone I just met through someone else. She told me all about her abusive childhood, her controlling husband, her past drug abuse. I listened to her list every ailment that plagues her from depression to anxiety to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Headaches. She listed off her medications, Anti depressants, Anti Anxiety Meds, Sleeping Pills...Oh, she is also the mother to a 5 month old. Scary! She was actually nice but not a person I want to add to my friendship plate. I'll tag her as an acquaintance. Someone I wave at across the mall parking lot and then frantically lock all 4 doors of my car.
Okay, I'm going to bed now because I am falling asleep as I type.
Good night!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Response to Heather's blog

That tree that you have a picture of on your Tuesday post. We call it a cum tree because the blooming flowers smell like semen. Pretty gross.
Anyways, just wanted to share that but didnt want to post it on your blog, but I dont care if its on mine.
Anyone interested in seeing a picture of this tree just check out the "Let's go fly a kite" blog I have listed on my links.

I found it

Okay people. I finally found the post office. Much easier in the dark. But, apparently 6th Street & 4th Avenue intersect eachother 3 times!! What the hell kind of sick twisted psychotic place do I live in? 3 times!!! The other thing about driving around here, the roads change names over and over and over again. I am suppose to find the intersection of 106th St. & 166th Ave. First I turn onto 119th St which then turns into 154th Avenue which then turns into 114th St. and then turns into 160th Avemue. At that point Im asking myself how is 160th Ave suppose to intersect with 166th Ave. Well, it doesnt, it then turns into 106th St, and then intersects with 166th Ave. Oh, you have to keep in mind, I have only traveled 0.3 miles. Yeah, that's right, not even 1/2 a mile. It's there own variation of a grid system, not too wise up here are they? Crazy town!
Change of subject. What is it about the site of baby poop and vomit that makes men instantly and completely useless. It almost stuns them and they have no idea what to do. Whereas women go into "fix the problem" mode. They just stare and dance around the pile of whatever bodily fluid that has just come out the baby. Avrie is the absolute worst to put a diaper on, it's like wrestling a baby goat, I should get a prize at the end. So, I let her be without a diaper for a whole of 2 minutes. During that 2 minutes she decided that was the perfect opportunity to let herself go. She pushed a whole pile of poop out right onto the carpet. I immediately grabbed her and threw her into the empty bathtub, and yelled for Steve. I'm not quite sure why I yelled for him. Maybe I was thinking that maybe, just maybe this one time he would act like the 6'3", 210 lb man that he is and help with the gross baby. But, of course no. He helped in the only way he knew how. He proceeded to sit on the toilet and instruct Avrie to please be a good 10 month old and not play in her own feces. He wouldn't even get close enough to the poop to turn on the bathtub. I realized at this point the only instruction (I hope) I could count on him to carry out was to make sure she didnt put any of it in her mouth. He actually succeeded in this, at least that is what he says. Completely useless. Good thing he's cute, I only keep him around to carry sleeping kids up to bed, pay the bills and the good sex.
Cailin has her first talk in church tomorrow. She is really excited! We have been practicing and I think she is going to do really well. I'll let y'all know!
Good night!

Friday, February 03, 2006

A day in Kirkland Washington

We finally made it out the door yesterday to go to the library. Well, first I was attempting to find the post office which apparently is in some other dimension somewhere on 6th St. & 4th Ave. I drove past that intersection at least 5 times. Unless post offices in Kirkland are hidden away in apartment buildings that post office was not there. I am going to attempt it again today. This whole car trip involved Cailin yelling at me to turn up the music...louder...louder...louder. And then she gets upset when I can't hear her screaming at me that she wants a different CD. That's the thing about kids that drives me out of my mind, works my nerve. They never make any sense!!! They are completely out of their minds!! And, a little bipolar on top of it all. Oh, and Avrie screams the whole time we are driving. Not a cry just a low pitched yell that sounds like Chubaca (sp?) from Star Wars. Very irritating, but a little funny at the same time.
I finally gave up. This post office thing was not happening. So, I somehow found the library. We get inside, everything is fine. Then, of course, the only day I am there, the fire alarm goes off. And as the entire library of desensitized Americans continues to read their books and use the computers with this horribly hideous alarm blaring in our ears, I thought, hmmmmm maybe we should actually leave the building. That's when the library workers have to scream over the blare of the alarm for everyone to evacuate the library. No wonder people die in fires. But, as we are leaving the building, we can smell the very familiar smell of burned popcorn. How embarrassing to be that employee, to be the one to overestimate the time it takes for popcorn to pop in the microwave. But, to be honest, if the microwave doesnt have a popcorn button, I do the same thing.
We all stand around waiting, it was raining, we are covered, but somehow in Seattle even when we aren't actually standing in the rain, you still always feel wet. But that's the other thing, even after we all left the library, we all still stood directly outside the doors. I suppose if we had seen flames spilling from the roof, we might have all gotten in our cars and left. But, in this case we all stood right outside waiting for the fire dept. to come and turn off the alarm. 20 minutes later we are led back into a stinky library. My plan was to grab our books and leave, but that is when Cailin decides she needs to go to the bathroom and can't hold it. This is when I hate big warm comfy jackets. When we all have them, I have a 10 mos old that wants to crawl on the bathroom floor, and wont sit in the sling, and I have to hold these 3 big poofy jackets. Why is it that is takes a 4 year old 20 minutes to poop. In the comfort of our home, 10 minutes, tops. In any public restroom, a minumum of 20 minutes. Do they do any of the work themselves? or do they just sit there and let their bodies do it? I hear no effort on her part, just a bunch of singing, humming and attempted whistling. She has absolutely no problem hanging out in a disgusting public restroom, but let the earth stop rotating when she gets any egg from breakfast on her finger. This is what I'm saying, they don't make any sense.
Oh, today is Cailin's 4th birthday. She got a wonderful birthday message from her friend Preston, we immediately printed it out and hung it in her room, right next to the beautiful picture she received in the mail from him the day before. She was so excited that her friend had made her a picture. She also got a birthday card from both sets of grandparents. Very exciting!!
Avrie gives kisses now. When you say "Dame un beso" She opens up, big and wet, sometimes a little tongue is involves, but it's very cute. Oh, and she points. She points at anything she wants, things she doesnt want, things she likes, things she is scared of. Lots of pointing.
Okay, I think I'm going to end this blog now because I have roofers walking up and down a ladder right outside my bedroom window as Avrie sites here and exposes my breasts to all those lucky men. Bye.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is all the cynicism?

So I went to the playgroup yesterday. There were about 5 women, including myself. We all met at the church and let our kids run around and play. What a great idea, a neutral location, someones house isnt getting destroyed by all the kids. But they forgot one little detail. No heater was on in the church. It was so incredibly icy cold we might as just been outside at the park. It was freezing. At first I thought I was just being an Arizonan wimp but no, I looked around I wasnt the only goosebump ridden person. I wonder if they know they could turn on the heater? Do they think that they have to just suffer? I am not really into the martyr thing, so I might suggest it next time I go, or just bring a freakin comforter.
So, everyone was very nice, but I just didnt feel like the dynamics Im use to were there. Everyone was very quiet and layed back. I wasn't irratated with any of them, which is nice. But where was the animation? The cynicism? The sarcasm? It was just nice polite conversation.
It is typical for them to pick up lunch and then head over to someones house after. I'm not sure why they don't just do that in the first place, but hey not my place to fidget with something that has been going on for so long.
Cailin wasnt having a very good time at the church but had a blast when we got to the home, she played so well, so abnormally well.
So, I was thinking maybe the conversation cautioned on the lighter side because we were, after all, in a church. But no, same nice conversation. Do you think they were just being polite because I was new and I was there, or do you think that is how they always are. Am I looking for something that isnt there? I think I might be trying to replicate what I had back home.
Not once did one of them complain about anything a husband did. Where is the humor, I need to laugh! I mentioned this to Steve, he said maybe I should start the conversation with something idiotic that he did. He said he would be sure to give me plenty of material over the weekend. Joy!
Obviously I will still go every week, what else am I going to do? Although, next Wednesday is my first La Leche League meeting. Ive never been more exited for LLL than I am now. Hopefully it fills whatever it is I feel I am lacking right now. The meeting is in Redmond the next town over. Believe it or not I havent really ventured out of my town of Kirkland alone. Im very much a wimp when driving in new places. But really how bad can it be, they only have 2 freeways here.
Tonight I'm going to a movie. I would rather go with someone, but by myself is better than no movie at all. Im going to go see Brokback Mountain. Im so excited, everyone who has seen it so far has loved it. Steve said its one of his favorites, it even knocked the movie Munich down on his totem pole of movie selections.
I'm sorry this blog is so boring, nothing exciting has happened this week, but I am going to the Post Office today, that always has the potential to bring about a story of annoyance. Ill keep you posted.