Wednesday, March 03, 2010

PS tax clients

If you don't owe money to the government, the April 15th deadline is not for you. If you are going to be getting a refund you have 36 months from April 15th to file and still get your money back.
So, if don't owe, take your time, don't panic. Don't call your accountant at the last minute bribing him to put you ahead of other clients who DO owe money.
Relax, that due date is not for you!!

However, if you do owe money to the government, that deadline IS for you. If you are unable to get it done in time. File an extension and send them a check estimating how much you think you are going to owe.

It's not meant to be complicated, it's not meant to be intimidating or scary. It's just taxes...geesh!

Just thought I would pass on that info for ya.