Friday, February 15, 2008

When mommy takes the day off

Why does she have paint on the bottom of her foot? Where was the paint that she was able to step on it? Where is that paint now?

Cailin did come to me and ask if she could paint her sister's body with poster paint. That is a credit to Cailin not at all a Brownie point for mommy, because obviously, lazily I said "Yes, of course, why not."

You cant see it, but her belly button is painted pink. By the way, she is completely naked. Oh, then they used my nice hand towls to clean it up. Nice!

All by themselves!!!

This is what happens while mommy is holed up in her bedroom watching ridiculous court tv because there isn't anything else on until Dr. Phil and Oprah at 3pm. I just couldn't drag myself out of bed, I just had to find out why this lady stayed with her boyfriend for 11 months who smoke pot three times a day and then after they finally broke up, she loaned him money. I just had this incredible desire to see if he was going to have to pay her back. This is what happens when mommy takes a day off.
This is also exactly what happens when they are left with daddy for an hour. At least this took the whole day (okay...1/2 the day) while I was there.
Happy Friday

Saturday, February 02, 2008

bathroom water...ew!

When one of my kids wakes up at night for a drink of water, I blindly search through their play kitchen and find a play cup for them to drink water from? The cup is so small I usually end up having to refill it numerous times from their bathroom sink before they've had their fill. If this is for Cailin she complains the whole time about the grossness of bathroom water and I get completely irritated with her. We argue the entire time about how irrational that is. In the amount of time that whole process takes, I could have walked the 15 feet back into my bedroom and grabbed my own water bottle for them, save the effort of refilling and not have to listen to Cailin bitching. But, how much fun would that be at 3:30 in the morning?