Sunday, April 16, 2006

My fabulous husband

Okay people. You may all think that you have amazing husbands, but hands down, mine beats y'alls!
He planned the most thoughtful, wonderful and unexpected 30th birthday for me, right under my nose and I didn't even have the slightest idea it was happening.
He set me up pretty good though. Steve has this crazy friend Neville, who he talks to a couple times a year. Well, Neville has an incredibly strong Indian accent, I don't think I have ever understood a single word that has left his mouth. Sometimes when he is talking I think that part of the conversation was actually in Indian. For all I know, it was. Just hang on a little bit this will become prudent in a minute. So, Steve told me a few days after we arrived in Arizona that Neville had called, he had a new girlfriend and wanted to get together for dinner. I was somewhat irritated by this because Steve only had a few evenings to see all his family and friends and he was choosing to waste one of them on Neville, a guy that we could potentially have an entire dinner with and never make out a single sentence. Well, a couple days later, Steve decides to add to this by telling me that Neville just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant and they need some advice from me. This also did not sound far fetched because he is constantly asking Steve for advice about everything. You guys are probably all reading this and thinking how did I not see this story teetering on the edge of weird? Well, you guys don't know Neville, this just fits with him. I was totally annoyed about having to give pregnancy advice to this woman, who I don't know and did I mention that she doesn't speak English. Great!! Steve is just playing this story up, adding some crazy detail here and there. He basically is just trying to irritate me just enough but not completely piss me off. He was quite successful. The story, by the way, was 100% a lie.
So, we get to the restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo, has anyone been? I love it, good choice Steve. They walk us to our table and I turn and hear an enormous....
Every one of my friends was there, it was amazing. April, Ryan, Nathan, Crystal, Jared, Tia, Josh, Lee Ann, Heather, Aaron, Josh, Sara, Scott, Mark, Cindi, and of course Steve. I HAD NO IDEA!!!
He planned the whole thing, they had known for almost 2 months. Am I the most oblivious person on this earth or are my friends and husband amazing secret keepers? I think I am oblivious, because my friends and Steve don't have the greatest track records for secret keeping. He decided just to have friends because with all the family (I have a big family) it would have been too crazy plus we had just had a huge family get together a couple days before.He also didn't tell my family what was happening because they have an even worse track record for secret keeping.
But the best part, the absolute bonus, the icing on the cake, the cat's meow, just one more...the take home prize...
NO KIDS!!!!!
Everyone found babysitters, isn't that amazing. Steve mentioned to everyone, we love our kids but this night is all about Jenny. I love being the center of attention, I love an entire evening being devoted to me. We had so much fun.
He had all the food preselected, no menu fumbling, an open bar, the waiter was fabulous and I have to say that is one of my most favorite evenings ever.
You know, the thing about my husband...what makes him such a great husband (don't get me wrong, he has his faults, you can read other blogs about those, but this is 'be nice to Steve' blog)
He knows what is important to me. He knows that I value family and friends above everything else. He knows that since we have moved away from them I miss them more than I've ever missed anything in my life (except my brother Mark). And he knew that if I wasn't able to see every person that was in that room, I would have left Arizona feeling a little sad and disappointed.
So, my sweet guy, thank you for an amazing and fun evening, thanks for giving me my surprise that I've always wanted and thanks for not blabbing. But most of all...thanks for not making me go to dinner with Neville!

New subject . Cailin, my 4 year old girlie girl, was watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, her new favorite movie. During the fight scene towards the end, the White Witch is fighting and killing people, but they showed a glimpse of her flowing silvery skirt and Cailin says in a gleeful voice..."Ooohhhh, that's a pretty dress!!!" There's always room for fashion.
New subject: How huge of an idiot am I to go searching for a chocolate bunny the evening before Easter? The only piece of candy that the Easter Bunny leaves, Cailin looks forward to it all year, and because I am just the hugest procrastinator in the entire universe (and as a warranted Cailin states "A bad mommy"), I almost completely ruined my 4 year old's Easter. But, 3 stores, and 2 one year old temper tantrums later, I emerged from a ridiculously overcrowded grocery store with a chocolate bunny in hand. She better as hell love it!!
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates and to the rest of you, Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My dream flight

So, the other day when I was watching the news, they were doing a segment on airlines. I guess they just came out with all the new statistics for all the airlines, such as lost luggage, delayed flights, customer service, etc. They mentioned that Alaska Airlines was only on time 30% of the time, horrible, they are one of the worst. As a matter of fact, my sister just booked a flight on Alaska Airlines and when it gave her the percentage of her particular flight being on time, it gave 0%! Is that insane? Well, after I saw the news clip I kind of giggled to myself because I was fully aware that just a couple days later I was going to venture onto an Alaska Airlines flight, at night, at bedtime, with a 4 year old and 1 year old, by myself. What are the odds? You are probably wondering at this herself? Why by herself? I thought she was married? Yes folks I am, but my husband has a talent, yes a talent, of scheduling himself away from any situation that involves our two children and an airplane. He is actually flying in 2 days later. Isn't he good?
So, we arrive at the airport on time, actually with time to spare. We snag a luggage cart just sitting there, free. Lucky! I check in, our suitcase is 1 lb within the free limit, anything over 50 lbs, $25. I am feeling great. Look at me, I am so good. We take a little sit down at the Starbucks to have a little drink and pastry...

side note: Steve's dad would not approve of this lounging
behavior before a flight. We have had some bad
situations that arose from taking a little sit down when there was time to
spare. Whenever we indulge in this ritual we always remember Jose, and his
annoying words of wisdom. We listen carefully to all announcements and we don't
cut it too close.

We give our goodbyes to daddy (he has no idea at this point how lucky he really and truly is) and we head through security, no incidences.
And now it begins...
Of course, I knew it was too good to be true, my true luck finally kicks in. Our gate is located at the very, extreme end of the airport terminal About 12.6 miles down a neverending hallway. We arrive at gate C-20, apparently, they have been making an announcement that the gate has been changed...of course, to C-15. Once my brief annoyance had passed, I looked across, just across the way. Thank goodness. We arrive as they are boarding and we get onto the planes. Yea!! We then proceed to sit on a hot stuffy cramped airplane for an entire hour while they attempt to fix a door that is not closing properly. I'm not irritated by the fact that they are trying to fix a door, but come on people. Why the hell would they load 300 people onto a plane and then decide to do maintenance? And, what is the reason they can't turn on the air? After an entire hour they remove us and all of our belongings, and send us completely across the airport to another gate. We are at C we had to go to N, via train to board a new plane.
Once we get to the new gate we wait in the waiting area for about 40 minutes. Cailin is being great this entire time, Avrie is being...well, she is being Avrie. You know, I never have to worry about the politics of nursing in public because Avrie just downright refuses. So, after 40 minutes they start loading us into the new plane. 1st class first. They made an announcement they are going to do things a little differently to make it go smoother and faster, they are going to load the plane from the back forward. A bunch of freakin' idiots. Why don't they always do that? It would make so much more sense. But no, they like to see everyone struggling trying to sneak by the gentleman trying to shove an oversized suitcase into the overhead bin, the two kids arguing about aisle seat or window seat. It is the slowest process ever to board a plane. But since they did it backwards, we were all on the plane and ready to go in 10 minutes. Is it a requirement to leave all intelligence behind when you work for the airlines? Also, they were trying to force me to board first because I have two kids. Are they insane? Are none of them parents? I told them that given our flights current reputation and situation, I will be boarding last. I informed them that I didn't think we were actually going to be leaving the runway any time soon, a little intuition goes a long way sometimes. What person in their right mind preboards with kids? They already are going to have to sit for hours and hours, let them run around until the last possible moment. Steve and I are always battling airline employees about preboarding with our kids and I just down right refuse to participate in that idiotic ritual!!
Okay, we are on the plane taxiing out to the runway, and guess what folks? We have to go back to the gate, the pilots saw flickering lights in the cockpit and we are losing speed. I was right. Unfortunately I was not allowed the opportunity of an appropriate "I told you so" to the airline employee that tried to force me to preboard. So, here is is..."I told you so!"
Another hour later, we are finally leaving, with applause as the plane rises in the air 6 minutes shy of our original Phoenix landing time.
Avrie finally nurses to sleep, Cailin is watching a movie. Quiet. She falls asleep 1/2 way through the movie. At this point I have to pee so horribly that my chest is starting to hurt. Avrie is asleep on my shoulder, there has been bad turbulence the entire time, Cailin is asleep. I can do it! This is pure talent. she didn't even attempt to wake up, slept through the entire 15 minute pee. The release was heavenly. I get back to my seat, all 3 goals accomplished. Bladder emptied, Avrie asleep, Cailin still on the plane.
We arrive at 1:30am, my dad actually was able to meet us at the gate, special pass. He acts like he was treated like VIP because he was extra nice to the counter lady (my dad is a talker and a flirt) Im sure its pretty common, but shhh, don't tell my dad that.
We arrive at my parents house at 2:30am, Cailin gets a second wind and we watch the "Chronicles of Narnia" (again), the entire movie, she did not fall asleep until 4:30am. Crazy kid. We have now owned that movie for 36 hours and I have seen it 4 times!
So, all of you out there. Beware of Alaska Airlines. They have a little bit of a commitment issue, being on time just isn't a priority, they just cant commit to a flight time. Oh well, at least we know they wont fly a plane that is compromised, but the downside...they serve oatmeal raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip...Yuck!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My very own March Madness

I have been a complete slacker when it comes to this blog. The problem is the traffic here in the Puget Sound. I have complained about all the incredibly irritating and annoying drivers and roads and signs and I have finally come to accept all of the roadway faults of the greater Seattle area. So I am calling a truce, I am raising my white flag to all the 1 mph turners, green light sitters, 10 mph under speeders, no sense of urgency putters, am I allowed to turn right on a red questioners, slow down at the green light drivers, and the just plain stupid and slow ones. Continue on with your annoying driving habits, I know I can't change you. I am just one driver from a big city. So, pay attention to my honks, be aware of me in the lane next to you and just get out of my way, and we should all get along just fine in this small suburb of Seattle.
So, the real reason for this blog. I am absolutely amazing!!! For those of you that know me, you know how much I despise basketball. I didn't use to hate it as much as I do. At least I didn't mind it too much, but that was all before I met my husband, Steve. You see, if is a complete basketball fanatic. Since we have had kids he has most definitely calmed down a ton. But the love, the passion, the desire to be a part of the game in any way, shape or form still lies deep down in his very bones. I, on the other hand, can barely tolerate the sound of it on my television.
So, to all basketball fans the past 2 weeks are some of the most important days of their entire year...March Madness!! Every year, Steve enters a March Madness pool. Meaning, they pick teams, pool money, watch games, get points and award winners. It's a silly ritual, but for some reason I really wanted to be a part of it. I have asked in the past to to participate in this little game they play and this is the first year I have entered on my own.
Steve brought home my very own sheet to fill out. I completed it in less than 5 minutes. You start out with something like 60 teams, and then narrow it down to the final winning team. By the way these are College Basketball teams. I chose the names I have heard of, nothing more calculating than that. Well, guess what?
I WON!! First place!!! $300!!!!
So, as I said before, I am freakin' amazing!!
Steve said the only reason I won was because there were a lot of upsets. But I told him, for every upset, there is a very happy team, and those happened to be my teams.
Avrie just woke up and I hate nursing while Im typing. So, I will leave you with that excitement for me. I'm going to buy myself a computer armoire with my money so my bedroom doesn't look like a cubicle at some sales office.
Good night.

PS. We switched our clocks for the time zone change today. Im from Arizona, living in Washington and I'll check back with y'all about this idiotic thing we all do with our clocks. It's like setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier so you're on time to work, but we all know it's set 15 minutes earlier so we still sleep in. But, I'm going to bed now its 11:30pm...or is it????