Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today a molestor van or white work van, whatever you want to call it, sat behind a delivery truck at 10:20 this morning and layed on his horn for a full 2.5 minutes!
It would have taken him less time to back up 5 feet and go around him via a side street.
hate people like that.

Elia has peed on the toilet 2 times since that last post. Bizarre!

Steve is gone again, another 10 days in California.

Lets see...anything new and exciting in my life right now? ......Nope, sorry.

Here is a video of Cailin reciting a poem for school. Avrie filmed her which explains the sideways video and I, like always, have no idea how to fix it. Yes, that is Elia playing on the floor naked.

Okay, its 2am, I should probably get to bed now. Good night!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Im practicing posting pictures. Okay Shannon, I am now going to place my cursor at the exact spot in my posting that I want the picture. Okay here it goes...I want it ......

Okay, now it initially posted to the top of the page, but then my cursor glossed over it, the picture hovered for a moment and then repositioned itself in the right location. Lets try this again. You like the picture I chose? This is what happens when your kids have unlimited access to your camera.
My next picture, I want here..

Nope, didnt work. This was suppose to be where the pirate picture landed. But instead it is at the top of my blog.

And again we will try to put a picture right here

Once again, this is not working for me. This was suppose to be the adorable picture of Elia in her little seat looking like a deer in the headlights.

Okay, 3rd time is a charm, here it goes.
I am now officially frustrated that nothing electronic ever works for me. This was the fun picture of us all in our fancy bowling shoes.

Im done, goodnight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


She did not just do that!
I was walking, naked baby on hip, to the bedroom when a wave of craziness passed over me. I know a couple of moms who have practiced E.C (Elimination Communcation) with their babies. So, I took a detour (not much of a detour in our ONE BEDROOM CONDO!!!!) do you detect a tinge of bitterness and annoyance in my all caps wordage?!
Anyways, I sat her, or really hovered her, over the toilet and said "pssssssssssss" "pssssssss". And guess what she did?? You better believe my genius kid peed in a toilet at 4 months old. That crazy ass method works. Too bad I dont mind diapers enough to do it. It was a fun one time experience, sort of like bungee jumping or tater tot casserole.

New topic:

Conversation with Avrie during our writing lesson (writing, not handwriting)

Me: The passage Im about to read you is from the book "Little House in the Big Woods". The Ingalls family had to kill their pig in the fall in order to have enough meat to eat in the wintertime. So, Pa had to kill the pig he had raised all year.

A: There are bears?

Me: Yeah, there are bears. Remember they live in the middle of woods.

A: No! So, they are bears?

Me: No...

A: Then...why did you call him Pa?

I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. I love kids!!!

New Topic:

Steve went to California last Tuesday and is coming home this Friday. Then he leaves again on Tuesday for another 10 days. On a bright note, my house is cleaner, his collection of computer equipment is not strewn all over my dining room table every evening and the tv isnt on constantly from 6pm-10pm every day.
But, we do miss him.

New Topic:

At this point I would love to post random fun pics from the last few months, but if I add photos, Blogger will add them to the top of my post and I have no idea how to get them to this location in my post and frankly right now Im just not in the mood for that kind of annoying ridiculousness.

Im off to get the kids ready for bed and watch Modern Family.
Good night!