Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Our debit card number took a fantastic vacation to Vegas yesterday. Hung out a little, maybe it took in a couple shows, saw the sites, oohhh, maybe won some money, hit a couple pool parties. I'm not exactly sure as to her (my debit card #) vacation itinerary but I do know for sure that she (my debit card #) did a little shopping while hanging in Vegas. She was able to take a fun little trip to the Apple Store to buy a $1600 computer. I wonder what color she bought? Red or green would have been fun, or maybe that aqua color...pretty! Too bad my debit card # didn't want to share the goods. I would have loved a new computer, especially a Mac. Oh well, I hope you enjoy your new amazing computer that never gets viruses. I will in fact enjoy my nice old computer that sufffers from narcolepsy and spontaneously shuts off at random and has a beautiful blue line running down the center of the screen.
Oh, the joys of Credit Card fraud.