Friday, December 28, 2007

Does this make my mother slightly more hip than I?

I had to use the manual to operate my mother's washing machine tonight. It took me 5 minutes to just figure out where to put the detergent. Then another 5 to 10 minutes figuring out where to turn it on (which actually means, how do I get all the digital readings to glow?), then another 10 minutes figuring out cycles and rinses and everything else. But then when I finally went to actually begin the cycle. It wouldn't work. So, I refer to my 4 inch thick manual. 10 more minutes of reading and I figure out it's because I didnt press the second start button soon enough after making all of my various selections, so I had to start all over again. All this just so I can have a clean pair of jeans to wear to a stupid high school band reunion that I desperately do not want to attend but am being dragged to kicking and screaming by my lovely (and slightly nerdy) sister in law whom I love dearly. Ugh and @#!*