Friday, July 25, 2008

To birth or not to birth...or where?

Conversation in the car with my 6 and 3 year old girls...

Cailin: Mommy, when you have another baby, where are you going to have it?

Me: You mean, where am I going to birth the baby?

Cailin: Yeah

Me: At home of course, where else would you have a baby?

Cailin: Well, you could have her at the beach!

Avrie: We could build sand castles and eat an icee!

Cailin: And play in the lake while you are having the baby.

Me: That would be slightly practical, fun and entertaining, but a little exposed.

Avrie: OH!! Or on the bus, you like the bus!

Cailin: It would be hard to get the birthing tub on the bus, and then all the water would splash around and get all the people wet. They probably wouldn't like that.

Me: That's true, its not fun to be wet on a bus.

Avrie: But we do like the bus...A LOT!

Me: We do enjoy riding the bus.

Avrie: How about daddy's work?

Cailin: Yeah, I bet daddy has a lot of friends at work that have never seen a baby born before, they would probably like to see our baby born. But it would be hard to carry the birthing tub up the stairs., and maybe they don't have a hose to fill it up, we would probably have to use buckets. That would take a long time, but Anthony could help.

Me: Yes, there are probably a lot of people at daddy's work that have never seen a birth before, but they might want to keep it that way and Anthony is very nice but...Hmmmm, my birth is not something I think I want to share with a lot of people, especially co workers of daddy's that I don't really know very well.

Avrie: Mommy, you have to share, you have to be nice, even with boys and girls you don't know.

Cailin: You could have the baby at Ruth's house, she would let you, she is having her baby there.

Avrie: Joshua told me I'm little, I don't want him to see my baby come out.

Me: Ruth is a very nice friend and if I absolutely needed to, she would probably let me, but it probably wont come to that. I think I prefer to have my baby at my own house.

Cailin: Fine, we were just trying to make it fun for you. I guess you're just going to have to have your baby at home like everyone else...boring!

The funny thing about this conversation except it being absolutely bizarre and the fact that I an NOT pregnant or planning on being pregnant, that while listening to them, I don't think they realize that babies are born in hospitals, and funnier still, It seems they think that all babies are born in water. I'm going to let my crunchy girls live in their tree hugging natural Utopian bubble, as long as I can.