Thursday, September 21, 2006

My parenting the funny farm with you!

Quick post! I have to go in a minute because a member of the Bishopric is coming over in a moment to offer me a calling at church. Hmmmm, Im very curious. The only calling I would turn down on the spot would be anything dealing with cubscouts. Ethically, I just couldnt accept that job. Anything else that has absolutely nothing to do with tying knots, making little wooden cars, rubbing sticks together and any type of badges or ceremonies, Ill consider wrapping my brain around.
But, the reason for the post. Last night Steve put his foot down at dinner with Cailin. We fight her every single night at dinner to eat. Some parents have no problem with kids that pick around their plate, and eat tons of snacks before and after dinner but we do. Im trying to teach my child healthy eating habits, the importance of sitting together at dinner as a family and to not waste. Steve informed her that tonight she will get 1 warning and if her whining continues, no dinner. She immediately broke into sobs and declared..."You just want me to DIE!!!" This comment stemmed from us repeatedly telling her the reason we eat food is so our bodies can grow and we wont die.
So, now that I have properly screwed up my daughters perception of life and priorities. I now wonder, as an adult will she be attending therapy only once a month or have I just escalated her to weekly sessions with the local shrink?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cailin's Preschool adventures

I have a few minutes to give an update while Cailin is at school and Avrie is picking up the massive amount of shoes that my children own and putting them in the enormous basket from which Cailin dumped them all out looking for flip flops. Keep in mind its been pouring for 2 days, therefor flip flops are pretty much not going to keep her feet warm and dry. We settled on tennis shoes.
Cailin started school on Friday with 1/2 of her classmates, the other 1/2 started on Thursday. We had the cameras all charged and ready to go, daddy came home from lunch to see her off. The bus pulled up, it picks her up directly in front of our door. I walk her onto the bus to strap her in. Yes, there are seatbelts on this bus, not only are there seatbelts but there are also harnesses that resemble a carseat. You flip down the seat cushion and voila, there is a built in car seat. Cailin refuses to ride in that. Anyways, I walk her on to strap her in and she notices another mom riding the bus with her daughter. Steve and I were actually going to drive and meet her at school to say goodbye but once she saw that other mom her attempted brave independence was shoved into her pocket for the moment and she wanted mommy to ride with her. No problem, Steve was home. So we get on the bus together. 1/2 through the trip, after 3 other kid/parent pickups, I look down and realize I am still wearing my apron from breakfast. Slightly embarassing but not too horrific. They probably just thought my fashion sense was a little skew.
The teachers pick up the kids right at the bus, unstrap them and walk them all in a line to the classroom. Cailin did not want me to stay and told me she was going to be happy, and she was!! She loves school. She loves the painting, the music, stories, especially the playground (she does the monkey bars the whole time, she is obsessed and actually really good at them), she loves the play kitchen, the teachers and their pet tartanula named Linda.
I miss her during the day, but she is having so much fun. Avrie has been taking a nice long nap during the time Cailin is gone so I have about 2-3 hours completely to myself. Unless you count our little 4 yr old neighbor Luke who comes in a couple times, hangs out on our back porch and yells stories and jokes at me through my sliding glass door. "Jenny, do you want to be WonderWoman?" Hmmmm, Ive never thought about that.
Oh no!!! Just looked down, Avrie is nursing and is starting to fall asleep again. No, no, no, not at 3:15pm, I dont think so. Gotta go distract and make happy. Ill finish later.