Thursday, November 02, 2006

Always our babies

My 4 year old, Cailin, has a loft bed. So when she falls asleep other places other than her bed, which happens almost every night, we have to lift her up into bed. It's about at my shoulder height so it is much easier for Steve to do than myself, but I can get it accomplished if I need to. I kind of just roll her out of my arms over the rail and into the bed. Steve, however, turns her face down to lay her down, and she always grabs onto his arms and doesnt want to let go, which he complains about but secretly loves.

So I said to him,
"I just lay her on her back its easier to just roll her into bed. "

His response...
"Yeah, but she sleeps so much better if I lay her on her tummy."

We will always look at them as babies no matter how old they get.