Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My friend just showed up at Babies R Us to teach a Breastfeeding class which had been cancelled without informing her, the teacher.
They felt really bad, so for her trouble they gave her a big ole' stack of coupons..........formula coupons.
Ummmmm.....speechless I am!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today a molestor van or white work van, whatever you want to call it, sat behind a delivery truck at 10:20 this morning and layed on his horn for a full 2.5 minutes!
It would have taken him less time to back up 5 feet and go around him via a side street.
hate people like that.

Elia has peed on the toilet 2 times since that last post. Bizarre!

Steve is gone again, another 10 days in California.

Lets see...anything new and exciting in my life right now? ......Nope, sorry.

Here is a video of Cailin reciting a poem for school. Avrie filmed her which explains the sideways video and I, like always, have no idea how to fix it. Yes, that is Elia playing on the floor naked.

Okay, its 2am, I should probably get to bed now. Good night!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Im practicing posting pictures. Okay Shannon, I am now going to place my cursor at the exact spot in my posting that I want the picture. Okay here it goes...I want it ......

Okay, now it initially posted to the top of the page, but then my cursor glossed over it, the picture hovered for a moment and then repositioned itself in the right location. Lets try this again. You like the picture I chose? This is what happens when your kids have unlimited access to your camera.
My next picture, I want here..

Nope, didnt work. This was suppose to be where the pirate picture landed. But instead it is at the top of my blog.

And again we will try to put a picture right here

Once again, this is not working for me. This was suppose to be the adorable picture of Elia in her little seat looking like a deer in the headlights.

Okay, 3rd time is a charm, here it goes.
I am now officially frustrated that nothing electronic ever works for me. This was the fun picture of us all in our fancy bowling shoes.

Im done, goodnight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


She did not just do that!
I was walking, naked baby on hip, to the bedroom when a wave of craziness passed over me. I know a couple of moms who have practiced E.C (Elimination Communcation) with their babies. So, I took a detour (not much of a detour in our ONE BEDROOM CONDO!!!!) do you detect a tinge of bitterness and annoyance in my all caps wordage?!
Anyways, I sat her, or really hovered her, over the toilet and said "pssssssssssss" "pssssssss". And guess what she did?? You better believe my genius kid peed in a toilet at 4 months old. That crazy ass method works. Too bad I dont mind diapers enough to do it. It was a fun one time experience, sort of like bungee jumping or tater tot casserole.

New topic:

Conversation with Avrie during our writing lesson (writing, not handwriting)

Me: The passage Im about to read you is from the book "Little House in the Big Woods". The Ingalls family had to kill their pig in the fall in order to have enough meat to eat in the wintertime. So, Pa had to kill the pig he had raised all year.

A: There are bears?

Me: Yeah, there are bears. Remember they live in the middle of woods.

A: No! So, they are bears?

Me: No...

A: Then...why did you call him Pa?

I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. I love kids!!!

New Topic:

Steve went to California last Tuesday and is coming home this Friday. Then he leaves again on Tuesday for another 10 days. On a bright note, my house is cleaner, his collection of computer equipment is not strewn all over my dining room table every evening and the tv isnt on constantly from 6pm-10pm every day.
But, we do miss him.

New Topic:

At this point I would love to post random fun pics from the last few months, but if I add photos, Blogger will add them to the top of my post and I have no idea how to get them to this location in my post and frankly right now Im just not in the mood for that kind of annoying ridiculousness.

Im off to get the kids ready for bed and watch Modern Family.
Good night!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Labor and Delivery

It's been way too long since I wrote my last post, the recent pictures of Elia didn't count.
My sister in law April was able to be here for Elia's birth...Yay for amazing sisters in law!!!!!!

Anyways, during the labor and birth, besides being a wonderful support and always saying exactly what I needed her to say, she wrote everything down. Apparently I have myself a sense of humor while in labor. So, in lieu of a play by play birth story from my perspective here is what happened.

First of all, I was driving around all afternoon running errands in complete denial that I was experiencing contractions and was, in fact, in labor. I was searching for Castor oil to start the labor that had actually already started on its own. You know, the labor I was denial about.

April, the girls and I drove home and hauled all of our Costco purchases up 3 flights of stairs. Steve came home soon after and proceeded to ask me what my plan was for that night. He wanted to know if I was planning to have the baby that night or sometime the next morning. Hmmmm, let me see... I DON'T KNOW!!! He wanted to take the girls to run a couple errands with him and he'll feed them while out. Strange timing but it sounded good to me, it gave April and I the perfect opportunity to finish watching the final episodes of "The Tudors"
I tried to finish the last episode before calling the midwife but April made me pause it and call them, they live a distance away. I told Zaina (the midwife's assistant I didn't think she needed to come yet but she could tell by my voice it was coming soon. So, she left against my better judgement) I also called LeAnn, my sister, to tell her I was in labor and ask some important details about the final episodes of "The Tudors". Steve finally arrived home, 3 hours after leaving, we enlisted Cailin to text my Seattle friends before she and Avrie went to bed, and then we were off, laboring away...

(here are April's labor notes)

Jenny's last labor (ooohh, that sounds like a book title)

9:00 pm Calling midwife – midwife suggesting she go to sleep Jenny says, “Yeah, that’s not my forte.”





9:30 tiny contraction she talked through

9:35 57 seconds breathing and humming through it

9:40 55 seconds

9:45 50 seconds

10:06 lasting 1 minute, Steve heating up water for the tub

10:11 Steve leaving the gas on the stove while heating the tub up, trying to blow us up.

(we smelled something funny, and realized Steve didn't turn the gas off all the way, house was filled with gas, I like to labor dangerously)

10:21 contraction lasted over 1 minute, heavy breathing

10:32 “Oh, I shoulda shaved my armpits today.”

10:39 Eating ham and cheese sandwich. (April forced me to eat, I wasn't really hungry because...I WAS IN LABOR!!!!)


Feel contractions in the hips

11:04 laboring on hands and knees, kneeling, needing Steve for support 1 min, 10 seconds

11:08 vocal humming

11:11 “this one hurts.” “Get down here cause I need you.” (said to Steve) Hip rocking

11:15 some back labor, peed

11:31 2 minutes plus, came in waves, Liz and Zaina arrive (midwife and assistant, Zaina drove from W. Va, 2 hrs, Liz 45 minutes)

11:37 “Oh, that’s a strong one.”

11:45 in bathroom, pee, contraction

11:47 back labor

11:49 “It’s like not going away. Here we go again with another one.” 1 minute, 49 seconds

11:53 “that one came really fast. I was in denial for a second.” Steve says, “don’t be in denial.”

Asked earlier to be checked. “Just make sure it’s not pretend.”

12:03 am being checked by Zaina. Baby’s head is right there. There’s some cervix left, but things are very stretchy. 6 or 7 cm, head a little high

12:04 leaning against counter top in kitchen.

12:07 “That wasn’t much of a break.” Harder breathing. “Lots of pressure.”

12:10 tiny contraction

12:13 “this one is intense.” Peeing and moving around. (I wasn't randomly peeing around the house, I would actually go to the bathroom to do the peeing, just to let you know)

12:17 low tones and vocalizing

12:20 sitting on a chair in kitchen

12:23 “Okay, this wasn’t a good idea.” Projected time 2:13 am. (I wanted to know an end time for the labor and birth, so I declared at that moment I would have my baby at 2:13am)

12:27 “I need to hold his hands and smell his smell.” (I need Steve close close close to me the whole time)

12:39 whining. “It’s getting away. I can’t catch it.” Low moaning. “Okay, I got it.” (referring to the contraction)

12:50 side lying on couch. Totally zen and staying on it. “I’m telling you in my world we’re going to sit on eggs. This is retarded. It doesn’t make any sense.” (Alisa, this quote is for you)

12:54 “Can I push it out right now? Cause I want to.” Talking to the baby. “Oh, no. Don’t move right now. That makes it worse.”

12:58 1 min, 10 seconds. Waiting to get in the tub, feeling pressure like she’s got to poop.

1:03 midwife asleep on couch. “Okay, it’s feeling like I want to push.” Grunt. Low vocals.

1:07 good, long contraction. Grunting, wanting to bear down.

1:08 Getting checked by Liz. “The baby’s low, low, low. Bag intact. A little more cervix. As soon as your water goes, things will happen fast.” Liz the midwife

1:09 Starting to whimper. Low moans, guttural.

1:12 peeing before getting in tub. Midwives mention 9 but not there yet. Completely effaced.

1:14 In tub, using chair for support.

1:20 Lots of pressure. “Do we want to do something about that?” (referring to the pressure, trying to convince the midwife that its time to push)

“That’s up to you.” Liz

“I wanted you to make the decision.”

1:22 started and went away, then back again. “I don’t like this. It’s scary. Loud noises – hurting, baby moving.

1:29 “I can’t do this anymore. This is retarded. I’m tired.

1:32 Lots of vocalization. “No more. That’s so hard.” “Am I in transition?” Liz says, “Maybe.”

1:39 Grunting through. “I want to feel the baby’s head and push it out right now. This is too hard. I don’t think I can do it again. Too tired.”

1:41 "I don’t feel the head. It’s just a vagina.” “There’s nothing in there.”

1:44 “I don’t think I can do this one. I’m pretending it’s not coming.” She got on top of it. Wants to push. Low moaning and vocalizing. “I don’t think my other babies hurt this bad. “

1:46 “I think the baby wants to come out now. I think it’s done.” “do you want me to check you?” Zaina. “Yes, I want you to tell me it’s time to push it out.” “I’ll see what I can do.” Zaina.

1:52 Good break. Vocal contraction. Checked by Zaina. Just lip of the cervix.

2:01 Pushing bag out. “It’s like an elevator.” (I hate when the pushing starts and you feel the baby moving down and the second you stop pushing I feel like your body just sucks the baby back up, frustrating)

2:12 “It hurts so bad. This is so stupid.”

2:16 Head out.

2:17 Baby out, cord around her neck, gets back rubbed and wails.

Elia Petra Vergara

May 7, 2011

2:17 am (notice I'm only a few minutes off from my prediction, I'm amazing like that)

Head: 14

Chest: 14.25

Length 21 inches

Weight: 8 pounds 14 ounces

So, that's that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Belated 9th Birthday Cailin!

DISCLAIMER: Pictures are completely out of order, I am totally blogger illiterate and I dont think I even have the patience to learn, sooooo just use your imagination!

Cailin was sick on her birthday this year (February 3rd). But after loading her up with every vitamin and supplement known to man, she ended up having a fun birthday (but paid for it the next day, she was exhausted!)

I HOP, Nutella Crepes, her favorite!

Yum Burger

Chuck E Cheese
(nasty pizza, but fun games!)

Then a week later we were able to celebrate Cailin's birthday with family,( after all of our sickness was gone) at our favorite Spanish restaurant Jaleo
Cailin was able to pick all the tapas she wanted to eat...
tortilla de patatas
Ensalada Rusa
Croquetas de jamon
Morcilla (blood sausage)
and for dessert...

She was in HEAVEN!!!

I cant believe Cailin is 9 years old.
She is such an amazing girl!

Things I LOVE about Cailin:

She is a thinker, she thinks about everything, analyzes everything and really trys to figure out why things are the way they are.

She has the biggest heart! She always wants to be sure everyone around her is content, happy and included, she is an amazing friend.

She is the most amazing big sister I have ever known. She is truly in love with her little sister Avrie and they are the bestest of friends. I love catching her looking at Avrie with such love in her eyes and the sweetest smile on her face. Sometimes she is just overwhelmed with love for Avrie and will spontaneously give her the biggest hug and kisses ever. I love it!!! And Avrie just eats it up.

Cailin is my big planner, the complete opposite of me (she inherited this from the Vergara side). She always wants to know what day, what time, how long will it take, how long will it take to get there. She wants every free moment of hers planned out. And she always insists on including everyone. If there is a free day or holiday coming up she will call up her Aunt Vicky and set up a planning day to figure out what fun thing will be happening on that day.

I love that even though Cailin is 9 years old she truly loves to play. She still plays with dolls and Barbies and Polly Pockets and everything else girlie. It also helps that one of her only playmates is her 6 year old sister. I love how young at heart she is.

This is a combined love for Cailin and Avrie, I love that they are so well behaved. We can go to a nice restaurant and eat a slow 3 hour European dinner and barely hear a peep out of my kids, even though the conversation has mainly been politics. We can take them anywhere!

I love how athletic Cailin is. She is so physically strong and muscular. She loves gymnastics and loves to be physically challenged. She could ride her bike for miles and miles and miles with no complaint.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl, I love you!! I cant imagine my life without you. You have been the most amazing blessing I could ever ask for.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A picture says a thousand words

Did you go to bed the other night with your house looking like this?

I did!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

One of those things you see that just makes you smile, which I desperately needed today.
Just thought I would share.