Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don't grow so fast

*She's weaned! A little over a week.
*I'm sad, still very sad.
*I think it's because I'm not pregnant this time around.
*I'm also happy, or at least content.
*It was completely her own decision.
*I feel like she is still such a baby, my baby.
*Deep inside I fear for her health, for the next time she gets sick.
*She still loves to cuddle up close to them, in the morning and at night.
*I've felt like less of a mom this past week, I hope that feeling goes away soon.
*Its my first break from nursing in 6 years, I miss it already.
*I'm getting teary eyed just writing this post.
*I've lost a part of who I am. The crazy lady who nurses her kids 'till they're 3.
*I know my kids have benefited physically, mentally and emotionally.
*I have to let go. I have to let go. I have to let go. I have to let go.
*There...it's gone...

Happy Weaning Avrie! You're a big girl now. I love you!