Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good times at the local Volcano

For those of you who know my spirited 4 year old and our family, this picture makes total sense. For the rest of you, let me explain. We have added this picture to our photo album we like to call "Pictures of Cailin crying in fabulous places". We have pictures of Cailin crying in San Diego at the beach and Sea World; the beach in San Sebastian, Spain; Paris; New York City; The Renaissance Festival; Christmas; Birthday Parties; and now this picture at Mt. Rainier, Washington.
She has a habit, a very annoying habit, of taking a wonderful experience, a time when everyone is having a great time and making it all about Cailin throwing a temper-tantrum. This particular breakdown involved purple gloves which she continued to insist were falling off. They, in fact, were not. But, who am I to judge.
Prior to this picture we actually were having a fabulous time. The weather was perfect, and she was having so much fun sliding down the hill, which, by the way, they have designated specifically for children 5 and under. How smart is that. So much different than my days as a kid being forced to play in the snow.
My dad would drag us all up to Northern Arizona to a place called the gravel pit. Sounds like it's full of great times. Just a huge pit with snow in it. We would wear sweatpants on top of Jeans, with socks and tennis shoes. Perfect outfit to repel water, yeah right. We were walking sponges!! Frozen to the bone, sopping wet and freezing cold. And I'm really surprised no one ever had to be transported to the hospital. Like I said, at Mt Rainier they have designated sled hills. At the gravel pit in Arizona, it was every kid for himself, slide wherever your little heart desires. Here is proof that the kids had fun. See, she's smiling!!

We could have gone to play in the snow much closer to our house (20 min) but we didn't think that was risky enough. No, we like to live our lives a little more on the edge. We drove closer to the volcano (Mt Rainier - 2 hrs) that, as I have been told, could erupt at any given moment. There are actual signs that tell you to visit at your own risk. Actual hot ash could spew down the mountain and kill us all! But, who has time to care about that when you are playing in the cold, wet snow. In the brochure, it tells you the longer you visit Mt Rainier the more risk you are placing yourself in. A couple other funny things in the brochure "If you are attacked by a brown bear, fight back aggressively" "If you are attached by a mountain lion, fight back aggressively" Well hell, I'm not just going to lay there and enjoy it. Duh!! And the good time was all solidified by the amazing Salmon with a lemon/dill sauce I had for dinner at the Mt Rainier National Parks Inn Restaurant. It's always about the food.

Okay, I'm going to end this blog now because I am very distracted by a Law & Order: SVU episode I have never seen and I thought I had seen them all. Blog later. Goodnight


April Lady said...

I love it! What a nerd?! You should put together a small scrapbook just dedicated to all of her crying pictures. She'd probably get a kick out of it when she's older and has stopped crying!

Mom said...

We could probably put together one of you crying at different times. There is so much to genetics.

LeAnn said...

Um, yeah...What mom said :)