Thursday, July 20, 2006

I miss him!!!

Here is my heart felt apology for being absent for so long. But I have been in mourning. Recently I lost a dear, close friend. Since moving to the Seattle area, we had become so close. We communicated often, spending long hours together, usually in the late afternoon between the hours of 3pm - 6pm. But one day when I needed my friend the most, I was in desperate need, I called and called and called but I received no response. After further investigation it became a sad reality to me. My car horn had died!! It doesn't even make a slight squeak. All I need, at the very least, is a muffled cough, just to satisfy my own intense anger and frustration and whichever insanely slow and stupid Seattlite is driving in front of me, but it wont even give that to me...nothing!!! I feel so alone and vulnerable on the roads, backstreets and freeways. Im praying that my friend will one day come back to me. My car is due for an oil change, maybe something can still be done. Ill keep you informed.


Big Sister said...

For a minute, I thought this was a post about Skeeter! You do need that horn I am sure!!!!

HLH said...

Just go get a new one. I think they are easy to install. You could get a really loud fog horn sounding one- perhaps it would feel better to lay on that when your are upset than a wimpy beep,beep!

Sara said...

Jenny- It's so good to read your voice again!!!! I've been such a lame-o friend lately for not keeping up with you and I was starting to get a horrible guilt trip about your suffering such a tragic loss without my even being aware. Ha, Ha! I hope you can get it repaired. I'll call you soon!