Tuesday, October 24, 2006

But we still love her

The struggle to actually get to church on time is sometimes overwhelming. It doesnt matter if church starts at 8:30am, 11:30am, or 2:30pm. I will be late!
But, this past Sunday it was actually going to happen. We were all wearing outfits that didnt require any ironing. The bag was packed, everyone had eaten. Shoes were on, just one last thing to do. Put the cat in the kitchen. If you all dont remember my cat, she is a piss machine. She will pee on any part of the carpet and doesnt really prefer her kitty litter.
I lift up the cat, Skeeter, start walking towards the kitchen and she pees on me. Yes, she lets it all go right directly on me. Warm cat urine runs all down the front of my dress, down my leg and into my shoe.
I had to undress, take a shower, scrub in the shower and then somehow find another non-ironing outfit in my closet. We were 1/2 hour late to church that day, nothing unusual, thats how late we usually are. Just another typical Sunday.


HLH said...

cat pee, the smell is the best part.

LeAnn said...

That is so gross. Do you *really* ever get the smell out completely??