Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My little helper

Don't we just love it when our kids have a surprise for us. Especially when that surprise is something helpful? Like a chore that we dread or a chore that they dread.

Every once in a while my "me me me me me me me" 5 year old will do just this.

Like this morning, I wake up to find a sneaky 2 year old nursing and my husband drooling all over my pillow. Cailin comes up to tell me she has a surprise for me and not to come downstairs. Immediately I know what she is doing. She's done this before...she was putting the dishes away for me. She's done this before but for some reason this morning's task was taking her an unusual amount of time. Turns out, she put away the dishes from the dishwasher like I had guessed, only mommy (me) had forgotten to turn on the dishwasher the night before. It was taking her so long because she had to wash every dish before putting it away.


April Lady said...

Awe, how thoughtful and gross at the same time. Perhaps you can have a girls night where you can teach her how to wash dishes appropraitely. Good luck finding all the gooey utelsils!

heather said...

hee hee! I've had that happen before, and it is hard to track down all the dishes. Good Luck!

Shaunton and Monique said...

What a big helper, LOL. I guess lucky for me, mine aren't all that helpful yet...so when you reach in the utensil drawer and pull out a crusty spoon, you will think of your precious little girl, and then turn around and throw it in the sink. :)