Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mystery smell

For a while now my kitchen pantry has had a funny smell, for actually a couple months. The smell, which has a slight fishy compost smell, has gradually increased in intensity each time I opened the door. So, one day in frustration and with a slight nauseated feeling I took everything out of my pantry and guess what I found????? NOTHING!!
That was a few weeks ago. Today, for a random reason unknown to me, I just happened to remove the lid to my crock pot. Obviously I'm not very addicted to my slow cooker. As the lid was slowly raised from the rim, a smell so hideous, so revolting, I thought for sure a small rodent, no, a large rodent was decomposing inside. Nope, no such luck.
What do you think it was???????


Marie said...

I have no idea, but before I guess let me share time in our old house I sent my daughter downstairs to put a pot of spaghetti sauce in the downstairs fridge and instead she put the pot in the storage room...and I found it a few WEEKS was disgusting! Was it leftovers that were left in your crock pot

Apples On A Stick said...

I vote rotten potato, those things can STINK!

Sara said...

Remember the time I forgot about left over casserole from April's Harry Potter Party in my cupboard for months? Good luck cleaning out whatever it is.

April Lady said...

Maybe it's a mouse! No, seriously, I'm with Heather. I vote for potatoes. They hide especially if there're only 1-2 left. Because really what can you do with 1-2 potatoes. And when they start to decompose they fester in one tiny spot oozing a variety of sticky slimy messes with the stench of death. Can't wait to find out!