Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don't grow so fast

*She's weaned! A little over a week.
*I'm sad, still very sad.
*I think it's because I'm not pregnant this time around.
*I'm also happy, or at least content.
*It was completely her own decision.
*I feel like she is still such a baby, my baby.
*Deep inside I fear for her health, for the next time she gets sick.
*She still loves to cuddle up close to them, in the morning and at night.
*I've felt like less of a mom this past week, I hope that feeling goes away soon.
*Its my first break from nursing in 6 years, I miss it already.
*I'm getting teary eyed just writing this post.
*I've lost a part of who I am. The crazy lady who nurses her kids 'till they're 3.
*I know my kids have benefited physically, mentally and emotionally.
*I have to let go. I have to let go. I have to let go. I have to let go.
*There...it's gone...

Happy Weaning Avrie! You're a big girl now. I love you!


April said...

Awe. She is soo big. I had a hard time looking at your pictures because your kids (even Luke) are growing so fast and I'm missing it! Boo. I loved the close ups of your kids with you and Steve separately. I also love every picture of Avrie with her toothful cheesy grin. She is adorable! Perhaps, you can celebrate about the fact that you're not pregnant. It's always fun not to be pregnant right?

Heather said...

I've always found that moving to a new stage of parenting is a bit challenging (emotionally).

You are a multifaceted person and can define yourself in so many ways.

The Turley Times said...

I was looking at a toddler picture of Josh yesterday when he was about 18 months and I really, really, missed that little boy that I could actually lift back then, and I also thought about how I missed nursing my giganto kid. It is a really strange feeling to be suddenly not pregnant or lactating. But you get used to it pretty quick! Enjoy the freedom!

H said...

I'm sure that both of you will find out something amazing about yourselves in this new stage of life. Now you can cuddle up with your computer. I know it's not the same as Avrie but my laptop gives off a lot of heat...probably life sucking, cancer causing, Wifi super sonic heat, but warmth all the same.

alisha said...

Don't worry--we can still think of you as the crazy lady if that helps! ;) Ha.

Avrie is sooo cute. It is sad that they just seem to grow up too fast sometimes.

But don't worry--that bond won't go away. It will just replace itself with a different outlet.

LeAnn said...

oh, such a cute baby. It'll be fine :)

Aprile said...

Awe Jenny I luv to read your blogs. Your girls are getting so big so fast..

Rachel said...

This is a beautiful post, April's sister in law. :) I get teary just thinking of when Sophia will wean. Too bad we don't live near, I would love more granola leaning friends. Still, it's nice to just read about other women's experience who practice child led weaning - I sure need the support in this crazy culture of ours.