Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The last couple of days I have found myself tripping, then stumbling and now SMACK, I just face planted myself right into Facebook.
I have no idea what Facebook is, what is does, what it means, what its for. I just have no idea. My friends have all explained it to me, I still don't get it. Now everyone is going to try to re-explain it to me. Ill listen, Ill try to understand, but know, upfront...I am Facebook retarded.
I now have 10 friends, but to be completely honest...they were my friends before Facebook, I suppose now they are my cyberfriends. That sounds like a PBS Saturday morning cartoon.
I will tell you one thing you can't do on Facebook, you can't stalk. That's right, its an all up in your face kind of bizarre cult. I can see little thumbprint pictures of my balding ex boyfriend, and my other ex boyfriend (who, BTW is using a totally old picture! He is not that thin anymore) and the guy I had a crush on, nope can't stalk him either. I have to actually admit to my creepy ways, fess up, and virtually come crawling back..."will you be my Facebook friend?".
It has a whole weird its not you its me but I want to still be friends vibe written all over it. I'm probably going to break down and shoot them an email at some point...pure curiosity. I have no bad feelings towards them, I don't even remember why I broke up with the one guy. Anyways, I digress.
So, all you Facebook cult members, tell me why you love Facebook so much. Because the whole no stalking thing threw me for a little loop, it lost a little bit of my excitement'.
Give me back that lovin' feeling!


nymanzanita said...

Ya..I agree with you! I dont mean to be too negative but I think Facebook sucks! I never caught on to the whole idea of it and it doesnt see near as easy to use as Myspace. How are you doing by-the-way?? Your kids are adorable!

Heather said...

i signed up for facebook, but I honestly can't remember why. i never check it. I found an old boyfriend too!

However- i recently learned that you can play scrabble and oregon trail (tell me you remember that) through facebook, so I may just go over there and dust off my page. BTW- what is your user name so I can add you to my friends?

Shannon said...

Well, I'll be the odd man out in this post. I love facebook. I put in info section where I went to high school, i click on that and then can see all the high school alumni. then be friends with all my old friends and look at their pictures to see how cute their family is. It puts me in touch with people I wouldn't have seen otherwise, but am glad to hear from.
I found an old mission companion that I just haven't kept in touch with, and now can see her cute family.
I found one of my best friends from elementary school and loved that!
Anyway...I know I'm rambling but there are some of the reasons I love it.

JRV said...

So, an old friend (mostly of Steves) contacted me last night via Facebook so Im starting to see some value in it. I suppose she found me because we graduated from the same HS.
Heather, I suppose my user name is probably flyingtubs, try that and see if it works.
Sandy, shoot me an email sometime, Im doing well. Its nice to hear from you, its been a long time (I think since my wedding) Cant wait to talk to you.

alisha said...

I'm on the fence about facebook. The reason that I do really like it is same as Shan--that I have come in contact with several old friends as well. I didn't know you could click on your HS and find alumni, though.

However, I don't find it very functional for anything other than that. It's not like a blog where you can post stories and events and keep up with the happenings of life. (and yes, no stalking)

I've noticed there are several of my friends who are regularly on there updating what they are doing right now and writing messages to each other...so I guess if you were on it that much it might be more useful.

So, as we are already cyberfriends on facebook, I'll warn you as well that I am hardly on there either.

April said...

I thought Facebook was for 16 year old girls with body image issues. Apparently not, it's for moms who want to see thier old girlfriend's families. Or, perhaps they just want to see who got fat. Hmmm.

nymanzanita said...

What is your email address?

Sara said...

Is it rude to ignore e-mails inviting you to become someone's Facebook friend because you don't have a Facebook account and will probably never get a Facebook account? Plus you know these people and and they're on your Christmas Card list already. Because for a lot of people from my ancient past, that's all I've got time for!

Sara said...
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JRV said...


LeAnn said...

Wow! a post removed by a blog administrator - it was a stalker, wasn't it?!

Ok, it might be fun to see old friends since I have never been to a HS reunion.

JRV said...

The removed post was a duplicate post.
Thats it LeAnn, Im sending you a Facebook invite!
Ha!! You've been pulled in!!