Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Welcome President Obama

God Bless America
We have the Presidency, the House and the Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you watch his first address to America as President elect? Amazing!
My girls were awake because unfortunately I was at a PTA meeting. Being updated every 10 minutes by Steve on my Blackberry. But how wonderful that they were able to witness this day. To watch their innocent minds soak up the entire experience of this historic moment was so fantastic to watch. Steve told me that Avrie was having a conversation with Cailin and informed her that she went and voted for Obama today (with me)

"But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It
belongs to you. It belongs to you."
Doesn't it feel like that? I was elated that Clinton won both his terms but never did I feel this sense of ownership. Never did I feel like this was my victory. I am just so happy!
But even with all of this celebration and excitement. There were some losses, some backward steps our country took tonight.
Arizona I am disappointed. Voters in AZ approved a measure to amend the state constitution so that marriage between a man and a woman is the only recognized union of marriage. It was a reversal from 2006. Cailin overheard me talking about this amendment to someone. You should have seen her saddened disappointed and confused face when I was trying to explain to her what the people in Arizona were trying to do. I'm curious to see what she says when I tell her that Arizona just chose to take away the rights of thousands of people. That the United States of America, the land of freedom, just took away the rights of thousands of people. Try to explain that loss of hope to my 6 year old.
But enough of that. With time that again will become a reality. Some day we will look back and shake our heads and wonder, what were the people of America thinking. Just as we look back in awe and amazement that women and blacks had to fight so hard and for so long for the rights that they hold onto so tightly today. One day we will look back at the ignorance of America, and think, why did it take so long?
But for now, let's celebrate the huge leap in the right direction. Let's celebrate!


H said...

I've discussed all of this with Kyra (she's 10) and she had a hard time with the proposition as well. Our family is very sad that it passed and don't by any means think our marriage is any more "protected" now than it was before. I am ashamed that my state is stripping rights from people too, it breaks my heart and actually made me cry. I'm glad you weren't here for this Jenny because you are mad now and would have ended up very very sad like me. (there's still hope in CA, I think!)

JRV said...

No hope for California, theirs passed also.

aimee heff said...

You know that I echo your sentiments on both these issues.

It breaks my heart to think of the steps backwards our church has taken this last election period. This does not help our missionary efforts. Nor does it help us bridge the gap between people that have different values than us.

My personal belief is that this is NOT our fight. We as active mormons need to work on building our own marriages and not be worried about others define it.

I could go on and on but will stop for now....

Just wanted to say "amen" to your post.

JRV said...

Thanks Aimee, I'm feeling a little like an outcast lately in my friendship circle. Nice to know Im included in yours. See you in a month.