Thursday, March 12, 2009

MPH, the law or just a suggestion

Dear Seattlites,

If the speed limit on the freeway says 60mph it is probably not a good idea to drive ....


Do the good people of Seattle have nowhere important to go? Do they not have the slightest sense of urgency?I cant stand it!!!!!!! Don't even get me started on their inability to merge at a speed greater than 30 mph. I know I said a while ago that I was calling a truce with all those crazies that refuse to apply even an ounce of pressure to that pedal on the right that the rest of the world refers to as the gas pedal but somewhere as these people here were growing up in this sunless, soggy God forsaken place they were taught about all the taboos of their isolated little world, one being the forbidden act of driving the actual posted speed limit, their refusal to honk...ever!! and sitting at a red light two car lengths behind the stop bar. Why do they do that? Ive never seen that before I moved here, it happens all of time. Why cant they pull up all the way? Someone please give me a logical explanation for this annoyingly stupid act of ridiculousness. (sometimes when I see someone do this I quickly slip my car into the spot in front of them, it makes them very uncomfortable. Its too funny)

Anyways, as you can see I had a fabulous time driving 20 minutes to Mountlake Terrace today. I hope your drive tomorrow is just as fun.


Shannon said...

agreed. seattle drivers are SO slow.
i don't have the answer to why.

i haven't noticed the stopping way ahead of the stop bar (but i'm not one of those who do it). i'd love to see you go in front of their place.

Joshua Klim said...

Hear hear! Couldn't agree more. What's worse than stopping way back form the stop line and then slowly creeping up. What the hell is that about? That happened to me just today. Oh and if there's the slightest bit of weather, the freeways just grind to a halt. Oh well. Someday I'll get me a flying car and everything will be all right.

Joshua Klim said...

Ugh. My grammer was atrocious. Forgive me.