Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cailin's 8th Birthday

My sweet Cailin, the morning of her 8th birthday, off to start her fun filled day of celebrations... Isn't she cute?!
Breakfast of her choice at I Hop of Nutella Crepes with strawberries, Bananas and Whip Cream...
Wii playing and grilled hamburgers for lunch at Uncle Nathan's house

Lobster dipped in butter for her birthday dinner...
She chose Cheese Cake Factory cheesecake for her birthday cake...Raspberry White chocolate swirl

She received a much desired Snuggie from Grandma & Papa
That was her day! She also received from mom and dad, a long 12 ft jumprope, a new outfit for her American Girl doll and a new cardgame.
I cant believe she is 8 yrs old. Insane!! It feels just a little while ago that she was staring up at me with her squinty eyes right after being born. She didnt cry at all. She was born in the water, and when I reached down and pulled her up, the only tears were mine. I thought she was the most beautiful baby in the world (as we always think of our own). Now, looking back she was quite impish looking. Dark brown, almost dark hair and beautiful olive skin. She was born after a 24 hour labor and immediately nursed for almost 2 hours straight. She was a very intense baby and toddler, but my goodness has she grown. She is so amazing. Extremely thoughtful and caring of others. She is an amazing older sister. I love how well she plays with Avrie, and how much they love one another. I love to watch her when her mind is spinning with a great idea. She can hardly contain herself. Its so adorable. She is extremely creative and if she is the older one in a group of kids she will always have them organized in a game of sorts. Happy birthday my beautiful girl!


April said...

What a great picture of everybody! You can see a bit of Papa in Avrie. I can't wait to take Cailin out to lunch. Maybe next week when Justin is done scratching and back in school.

aimee said...

Fun pictures. Oh, to be 8 again! She seems like a very solid, genuine human.

alisha said...

8 already? I can't believe it. I love the picture in her snuggie! Tell her Happy Belated Birthday - we sure do miss her.