Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fake Post

This isn't a real blog post. I'm just putting something in quickly for Alisa. I don't want her to feel sad anymore when she checks my blog and is confronted with "PS Tax Clients", with no new posts.
I'm sorry, my life is just not very exciting right now.
I know, I know. I need to post about our girls weekend in Dallas and I'm the only one (excluding Alisa, but she doesn't count, we all forgive her for her lack of bloggicity) who hasn't posted anything yet. I'm a slacker.
Wait for it...wait for it...
it will come soon.
Love y'all!!


Shannon said...

LOVE the fake post.

She is in Cali right now, but she will love to come home to fact I better email it to her.

Miss You!

alisha said...

So thoughtful of you. You should have made up some juicy story just to entertain us. :)

I'm waiting for it...

Alisa said...

LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Jen! I was getting SO TIRED of PS Tax Client, I just wanted something! I would have even accepted, P.S.S Tax Client??? Miss you!