Monday, December 27, 2010


This year was a very relaxing Christmas for the Vergaras. No packing, no figuring out which gifts we are taking to Arizona, no trying to cram all of our gifts for family plus kids plus clothes into suitcases (we aren't cramming the kids into suitcases, just their gifts), all while trying not to let the kids see. No shipping toys home from Arizona. No 80 degree weather on Christmas day. Not that I dont love going home and being with family on Christmas, it has it own sense of magic to it also. But this year it was just myself, Steve, Cailin and Avrie.
Cailin and Avrie made a gift for Santa this year. They thought since he flys around passing out lots of gifts only getting cookies in return he would like something more, something he could keep. So, here is the "Santa's Workshop" they built and the card they spent hours making. They even set up a Santa cam in the tree to try and capture the big guy. It was all very tricky since we live in a 1 bedroom condo. But little did they know, Santa is magic and is never caught on tape. But boy was that nerve racking setting out gifts and stockings. But Operation Santa was very successful...whew! Here are the girls with all of their bounty behind them. We kept thinking it looked like a TON of presents under the tree, but then we realized we had a small tree and it made it look like a lot. Maybe we will keep the small tree tradition.
Cailin and Avrie tracking Santa on NORAD. Avrie was obsessed with it, and did the countdown from every city and country. Did you know the Santa tracking for NORAD started out as a mistake, there was a misprint in a local newspaper and the phone number for NORAD was actually published. Kids were calling to find out about the whereabouts of Santa. The employees of NORAD played along and it just grew from there. Its completely run by volunteers.
Look who is peeking out of Avrie's stocking...BERT!!! Her only Sesame Street friend she was missing. I love that she loves Sesame Street!!

It was a Playmobile Christmas!!
The Moon Dough from Grandma was a big hit. That is the craziest feeling substance, and it stinks!
Avrie's absolute favorite princess is Tiana. So she was elated that she got the dress she has been begging for.
Over all Christmas was a very big success. After gift opening we went to Mass. Steve found a really nice church, St. Rafael's. Very traditional, no drumsets, or electric guitars. It was a beautiful service that was the perfect addition to our Christmas day.
I will post pics later of our dining room table which has been transformed into a playmobile, remote control car center. I love seeing my kids play with the toys we bought them, it makes me happy.

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H said...

I love all this gushy Santa talk when I had to listen to your brother whine about Santa in a ward council meeting just over a month ago! He needed some cheese for his wine, and a lot of it.