Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Belated 9th Birthday Cailin!

DISCLAIMER: Pictures are completely out of order, I am totally blogger illiterate and I dont think I even have the patience to learn, sooooo just use your imagination!

Cailin was sick on her birthday this year (February 3rd). But after loading her up with every vitamin and supplement known to man, she ended up having a fun birthday (but paid for it the next day, she was exhausted!)

I HOP, Nutella Crepes, her favorite!

Yum Burger

Chuck E Cheese
(nasty pizza, but fun games!)

Then a week later we were able to celebrate Cailin's birthday with family,( after all of our sickness was gone) at our favorite Spanish restaurant Jaleo
Cailin was able to pick all the tapas she wanted to eat...
tortilla de patatas
Ensalada Rusa
Croquetas de jamon
Morcilla (blood sausage)
and for dessert...

She was in HEAVEN!!!

I cant believe Cailin is 9 years old.
She is such an amazing girl!

Things I LOVE about Cailin:

She is a thinker, she thinks about everything, analyzes everything and really trys to figure out why things are the way they are.

She has the biggest heart! She always wants to be sure everyone around her is content, happy and included, she is an amazing friend.

She is the most amazing big sister I have ever known. She is truly in love with her little sister Avrie and they are the bestest of friends. I love catching her looking at Avrie with such love in her eyes and the sweetest smile on her face. Sometimes she is just overwhelmed with love for Avrie and will spontaneously give her the biggest hug and kisses ever. I love it!!! And Avrie just eats it up.

Cailin is my big planner, the complete opposite of me (she inherited this from the Vergara side). She always wants to know what day, what time, how long will it take, how long will it take to get there. She wants every free moment of hers planned out. And she always insists on including everyone. If there is a free day or holiday coming up she will call up her Aunt Vicky and set up a planning day to figure out what fun thing will be happening on that day.

I love that even though Cailin is 9 years old she truly loves to play. She still plays with dolls and Barbies and Polly Pockets and everything else girlie. It also helps that one of her only playmates is her 6 year old sister. I love how young at heart she is.

This is a combined love for Cailin and Avrie, I love that they are so well behaved. We can go to a nice restaurant and eat a slow 3 hour European dinner and barely hear a peep out of my kids, even though the conversation has mainly been politics. We can take them anywhere!

I love how athletic Cailin is. She is so physically strong and muscular. She loves gymnastics and loves to be physically challenged. She could ride her bike for miles and miles and miles with no complaint.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl, I love you!! I cant imagine my life without you. You have been the most amazing blessing I could ever ask for.


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Shannon said...

sweet thoughts from a great mom!

my favorite things about Cailin:

her unmistakable thoughtfulness to others.

during summer play dates she included EVERYONE, and was always concerned that everyone was happy and having fun.

teaching my kids, by example, to say "I don't care for that" vs "I hate that"

I just got a burst of sadness that not only will I not be there for girls trip, but I'll miss the catch up on our kids. For some reason I remember talking for some time about Cailin at our last visit in TX. Let's gmail chat so I don't miss out on those late night talks. Does your computer still have camera/gmail video chat?