Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is Catherine a common name in India?

It is 3pm and my 10 month old is just now nursing to sleep. Very strange.
This morning I get a phone call from a lady claiming my phone number had been selected and we were chosen to receive a $500 gift certificate to any store we want. It sounds nice, so I ask, what's the catch. No catch she says, all she needs is...and this is interesting...my checking account number, only $4.95 for shipping an handling. Let me ask you this. If this company can afford to hand out $500 gift certificates, don't you think they would be more than willing to pay the measley $4.95 in shipping costs. And I dont know about you but last time I mailed a letter it didnt cost me $4.95. Okay, this is the best part, as she proceeded to give me her information. You are probably wondering why I am still on the phone with this woman. To satisfy my curiosity and I have a hard time just hanging up on a person and she was not willingly allowing me to end the conversation,
You have heard the controversy regarding telemarketing companies sending their business overseas. One of the main countries that accepts these jobs is India. So, this woman on the phone had a noticable Indian accent, very very strong. Then she proceeded to tell me her name was Catherine Smith and her employee number is #103. I dont think so. I explained to her yet another time that there is no way on God's given earth that I was going to sit there are tell her my checking account number over the phone. She tells me that the checking account number is no good to them unless they have my verbal authorization. Has she ever heard of identity theft? She would not let me off the phone. So, the conversation finally ended with me explaining to her that if this was completely legitimate then she would have no problem calling back when my husband was home. Lets see if we ever get that phone call, or for that matter see a $500 gift certificate. People really are gullible arent they?
Then to make my morning even more interesting. Avrie almost pulled the curling iron down onto the floor, maybe even on top of herself, but I caught it in time. Unfortunately I grabbed the wrong end of the scorching iron.It's just 4 fingers, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain people go through who have had a significant percentage of their bodies burned. No wonder they stick them in comas, when my fingers come off the ice, I feel like being put into a coma. Unbelievable pain. Yikes!!! Hopefully they dont blister. Yeah, that's right, I didnt even burn them enough to have them blister right away. Maybe Im a big wimp but this hurts.
Cailin is wearing a purple princess dress, she looks so sweet. Gotta go, she is getting bored watching me type.

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