Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is all the cynicism?

So I went to the playgroup yesterday. There were about 5 women, including myself. We all met at the church and let our kids run around and play. What a great idea, a neutral location, someones house isnt getting destroyed by all the kids. But they forgot one little detail. No heater was on in the church. It was so incredibly icy cold we might as just been outside at the park. It was freezing. At first I thought I was just being an Arizonan wimp but no, I looked around I wasnt the only goosebump ridden person. I wonder if they know they could turn on the heater? Do they think that they have to just suffer? I am not really into the martyr thing, so I might suggest it next time I go, or just bring a freakin comforter.
So, everyone was very nice, but I just didnt feel like the dynamics Im use to were there. Everyone was very quiet and layed back. I wasn't irratated with any of them, which is nice. But where was the animation? The cynicism? The sarcasm? It was just nice polite conversation.
It is typical for them to pick up lunch and then head over to someones house after. I'm not sure why they don't just do that in the first place, but hey not my place to fidget with something that has been going on for so long.
Cailin wasnt having a very good time at the church but had a blast when we got to the home, she played so well, so abnormally well.
So, I was thinking maybe the conversation cautioned on the lighter side because we were, after all, in a church. But no, same nice conversation. Do you think they were just being polite because I was new and I was there, or do you think that is how they always are. Am I looking for something that isnt there? I think I might be trying to replicate what I had back home.
Not once did one of them complain about anything a husband did. Where is the humor, I need to laugh! I mentioned this to Steve, he said maybe I should start the conversation with something idiotic that he did. He said he would be sure to give me plenty of material over the weekend. Joy!
Obviously I will still go every week, what else am I going to do? Although, next Wednesday is my first La Leche League meeting. Ive never been more exited for LLL than I am now. Hopefully it fills whatever it is I feel I am lacking right now. The meeting is in Redmond the next town over. Believe it or not I havent really ventured out of my town of Kirkland alone. Im very much a wimp when driving in new places. But really how bad can it be, they only have 2 freeways here.
Tonight I'm going to a movie. I would rather go with someone, but by myself is better than no movie at all. Im going to go see Brokback Mountain. Im so excited, everyone who has seen it so far has loved it. Steve said its one of his favorites, it even knocked the movie Munich down on his totem pole of movie selections.
I'm sorry this blog is so boring, nothing exciting has happened this week, but I am going to the Post Office today, that always has the potential to bring about a story of annoyance. Ill keep you posted.

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April Lady said...

Jenny, I have plenty of cynicisn for you. Only trouble have to come back to Tempe to get it! Boo hoo!