Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome to Washington

So, this is a picture of my family. Aren't we adorable? This was my first introduction to Washington. My husband had been living here for a month while we stayed behind in Arizona. It was nice to see the leaves changing, and the cool weather was a nice change from the warm October air in Phoenix. But, now that we are here, my enthusiasm is not so grand.
Everyone says it will take time to adjust, and true, I've only been here 1 week, but it has rained 5 of the 7 days.
I will admit, it is nice to be together as a family again after being apart for so long. Steve moved out to Seattle in September, we joined him in January. A long time to be separated. My Parents-in law were not very thrilled with the idea of us being apart, they thought Steve's mind (and body) would wander, but I obviously know him a lot better than his own parents. (and how dare his own parents think they raised such a morally unsound man). Steve would never wander...cheating would be way too much he is madly in love with me.
I am desperately trying to get this bachelorish pad organized, and in order for our family. 1 week down and lots more work to do. I'll keep y'all posted. Well, its 2:15 a.m. and I should probably get some sleep now. Good night.

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HLH said...

Yippy!!! Can't wait to read more about how you guys are doing. I think about you everyday and miss you all....Bucket some of that water and bring it back with you, you know we need it here!