Sunday, February 26, 2006

Successful Ear Piercing

Okay, here she is, the newest pierced member of the Vergara family! Don't her little ears look so cute?
I took her without Steve. He was completely traumatized by Cailin's ear piercing (Cailin cried for 1 minute and then was more concerned by the fact that she was allowed to pick anything she wanted from Claires - a girlie girl's paradise!) Steve, on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about the entire experience and talked about it for weeks afterwards. So, like I was saying we attempted Avrie's ear piercing without Steve and it was very successful! She barely cried, just a couple tears. She cries harder when we don't give her a cracker fast enough. She is not very fond of the 3 time a day ear cleaning which takes a whole of 15 seconds, but she tolerates it.
Cute Cailin quote of the day, "Daddy, you're not the one who is right, you are giving mommy another headache!" That's my girl.
Avrie has completely taken every scrap of paper and credit card out of Steve's wallet which I gave her to keep her off my lap. I will leave it strewn on the floor and pretend I don't know about it. Good night!


Lisa said...

Cute earings! When Leah sees that both her cousins in Seattle have earrings, she's going to want a pair of her own...!

JRV said...

You should do it when you come this summer. We can all be her cheerleaders.