Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweet Dreams

Look what I just walked downstairs and found at 1:30a.m. Aren't they adorable? Notice they are not in bed. Like I said before, no one in our house sleeps where they are suppose to. I've accepted it, it's just the chaotic way we love to live our lives in the Vergara household.

I don't understand, how could anyone not just love sleeping with their babies? I can understand the frustration of having a 2 year old who does gymnastics in his sleep in bed with you, but a baby? Come on! The way they just relax when they are next to you, pure joy. I love sleeping with Avrie (I would love it a lot more if she didn't nurse all night long, but hey, it's part of it right?). Sometimes when she starts to stir, I can just wrap my arm around the top of her head and she immediately stops flopping around.
There is nothing sweeter than a dad being a daddy. The way Steve plays with his girls is amazing. Every day Cailin watches out the window for Steve to come home from work and when he pulls into the parking lot, she runs and hides. Sometimes she has even built a huge fort out of cushions and pillows to hide in. Then Steve walks in the door and pretends he has no idea where she is and begins searching. He'll even ring the doorbell of her fort to see if she is home. She looks forward to that every day. He's an amazing daddy and his girls love him to death. And their mama thinks he's a pretty great guy too!


HLH said...

THat is so adorable. I always say, there is nothing more sexy than your husband being a great dad (or cleaning the house).

The both look SO comfortable!

LeAnn said...

Very cute! Notice they both have their mouths open the same! Like father, like daughter.

Lisa said...

The open-mouth-sleeping thing must be a Vergara thing. Did you find a little trickle of drool in the corner of their mouths too?
What struck me most about seeing you guys as a family is the fact that you are simply so laid back about it all. We're the stressed-out-on-the-verge-of-a-nervous-breakdown kind of parents. What's your secret?

JRV said...

Its gotta be our innate knowledge that we have control over nothing. Just go with the flow, choose your battles and realize when you dont focus on the little things, its much easier to enjoy life together. Thats our motto...go with the flow.