Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Such a slacker

I've been such a slacker lately with my blog. I've been completely uninspired. Nothing exciting or annoying has happened to me lately. But, I'll give you a short run down of my life.
Cailin has found her soulmate. His name is Jonah, and he is completely adorable. They are the perfect match. Cailin has just enough roughness in her to satisfy him and he has just enough gentleness in him to satisfy her. They run around holding hands, they don't want anyone else to play with them, just the two of them, together. It's sooo adorable. And, a bonus... his mom is great!!! She had her last baby at home, she breastfeeds, her husband is going to school to become a homeopath, and best of all...the first time we went over to her house, it wasn't clean! Hallelujah!!! She's not a super-crazy mom...just normal! Mormon, but not Molly. Wonderful!
My friend Josh is visiting us this week, it's been nice having a familiar face around. It's forced me to actually venture out of my 5 square mile radius I call home and explore a little. We saw the Space Needle. It was fun to see the whole city from so high up, we could see Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens and some other volcanoes that might eventually explode and take mine and my families lives while I'm living in this God Forsaken Gloomville. But, to be completely honest, I'm not sure the point of this structure. It was built for the 196something world fair. But, why? And, my bigger question...who funded it? Probably the government. They like spending all of our hard earned money on things that look pretty, look good in photographs but serve no function at all! Let's see what else did we do? Oh, we went to Pikes Place Market, you know the place where they throw the fish. Lots of fun little stands and restaurants and markets. Cailin picked out 2 really pretty watercolors for her bedroom, and Josh picked up some really gorgeous Japanese prints. I'll tell you this, the food so far has been amazing!! The seafood and so fresh and everywhere you go you can always count on getting a cup of crab bisque or clam chowder. It melts in your mouth.
It's been pretty chilly this week, it hasn't actually rained but it really wants to. I'm sure it will let go soon.
Avrie now has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. She is nowhere near walking but I much prefer that. Keep them on all fours as long as possible, as long as she walks before summer. Its easier at the parks that way. Cailin is still taking dance class and loves it.
An announcement! I will be in Arizona, April 4-25th! I hope to pick up a little color while I am there, I've become quite ghostly.
Well, Avrie is wanting to type with me and is freaking out since I'm not letting her. Bye

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HLH said...

PJ and I are crying....we have been replaced by Jonah & his mom....

I'm happy you are making friends :) Yeah for the trip to AZ. Mark you calendar for the 15th- its PJ's b-day party!!!