Monday, March 13, 2006

Multi-tasking? What is that?

Why is it that men, and I know this is not just my husband, are completely incapable of doing ANYTHING while talking on the phone. Instantaneously their hands must go completely numb and their knees must lock in place. Because I cant think of any other reason Steve could not possibly put silverware away into the drawer while talking on the phone. It's not that it needed to be done at that exact moment, that's not the point. I just don't get it. The only explanation I can think of is that he has a penis. Somehow this "dangling participle" (movie quote, "Oscar") prohibits him to accomplish two or more tasks at once. Either that or the presence of breasts makes it possible for us to multitask. Either way, I just wanted the freakin silverware put away. I wasn't asking for him to change the oil in our car, or install a ceiling fan or even change a diaper, just remove one piece of silverware at a time from the tray and place it in it's appropriate location in the drawer directly in front of him, he wouldn't even have needed to move his feet at any point during this task, it's not rocket science! Thank God he doesn't talk on the phone often.

Yeah!!! Hurray for Arizona, it finally got some rain, what was the record? Something like 140 days with no rain. I would have gladly sent some your way but it seems to like it here, the rain of course. You know, I'm going back to AZ in April, with my luck, it will rain the whole time I'm there. My dad loves Murphy's law, it's the outline of my entire life.

Cailin quote of the day "When I'm bigger I'm going to drive safe, I'll be a good driver, not like daddy." I'm not sure where she got the idea that Steve is a bad driver, he really isn't, although he has misjudged the middle lane when merging into traffic, more than once, he likes to play chicken with oncoming traffic in the middle of the night, not on purpose, no, that's just the way he drives :) He has, however, taken on a couple driving characteristics of the Seattlites. Most of all, he is starting to become a slow merger. The people here drive like complete morons. They have no sense of urgency. Not that I have anywhere in particular to go at any given time but at least I act like it and am considerate of others behind me that might. They are all just...stupid!! Today, an emergency vehicle was coming down the road, a divided road, in the opposite lane as myself, my entire lane of idiots slam on their brakes, veer to the side, almost cause accidents themselves, and for what? Nothing!!! It was a divided street!!! What's the ambulance going to do, hop the obtrusive concrete wall? Come on people, get a brain, a little common sense, some driving 101 courses, something, but one of these days I'm really going to have a nervous breakdown driving alongside these imbeciles.
Going to go and search for our remote control now. Bye
PS. I just did a spellcheck and it wanted me to replace freakin with foreskin, I giggled a little like a kid in Junior High.

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HLH said...

Too bad about the driver, I am sure they aren't as stupid as the ones in Oklahoma.

It is true about men and phones, all they can do is talk- they cannot concentrate on anything else. I tested this theory while visiting the "dangling particle" while a certian male was on the phone and he absolutly could not handle it and shoooed me away. Any man that would say no to that, really can't multi-task! (shh! don't tell him I told you this though!)