Sunday, April 16, 2006

My fabulous husband

Okay people. You may all think that you have amazing husbands, but hands down, mine beats y'alls!
He planned the most thoughtful, wonderful and unexpected 30th birthday for me, right under my nose and I didn't even have the slightest idea it was happening.
He set me up pretty good though. Steve has this crazy friend Neville, who he talks to a couple times a year. Well, Neville has an incredibly strong Indian accent, I don't think I have ever understood a single word that has left his mouth. Sometimes when he is talking I think that part of the conversation was actually in Indian. For all I know, it was. Just hang on a little bit this will become prudent in a minute. So, Steve told me a few days after we arrived in Arizona that Neville had called, he had a new girlfriend and wanted to get together for dinner. I was somewhat irritated by this because Steve only had a few evenings to see all his family and friends and he was choosing to waste one of them on Neville, a guy that we could potentially have an entire dinner with and never make out a single sentence. Well, a couple days later, Steve decides to add to this by telling me that Neville just found out that his girlfriend is pregnant and they need some advice from me. This also did not sound far fetched because he is constantly asking Steve for advice about everything. You guys are probably all reading this and thinking how did I not see this story teetering on the edge of weird? Well, you guys don't know Neville, this just fits with him. I was totally annoyed about having to give pregnancy advice to this woman, who I don't know and did I mention that she doesn't speak English. Great!! Steve is just playing this story up, adding some crazy detail here and there. He basically is just trying to irritate me just enough but not completely piss me off. He was quite successful. The story, by the way, was 100% a lie.
So, we get to the restaurant, Bucca Di Beppo, has anyone been? I love it, good choice Steve. They walk us to our table and I turn and hear an enormous....
Every one of my friends was there, it was amazing. April, Ryan, Nathan, Crystal, Jared, Tia, Josh, Lee Ann, Heather, Aaron, Josh, Sara, Scott, Mark, Cindi, and of course Steve. I HAD NO IDEA!!!
He planned the whole thing, they had known for almost 2 months. Am I the most oblivious person on this earth or are my friends and husband amazing secret keepers? I think I am oblivious, because my friends and Steve don't have the greatest track records for secret keeping. He decided just to have friends because with all the family (I have a big family) it would have been too crazy plus we had just had a huge family get together a couple days before.He also didn't tell my family what was happening because they have an even worse track record for secret keeping.
But the best part, the absolute bonus, the icing on the cake, the cat's meow, just one more...the take home prize...
NO KIDS!!!!!
Everyone found babysitters, isn't that amazing. Steve mentioned to everyone, we love our kids but this night is all about Jenny. I love being the center of attention, I love an entire evening being devoted to me. We had so much fun.
He had all the food preselected, no menu fumbling, an open bar, the waiter was fabulous and I have to say that is one of my most favorite evenings ever.
You know, the thing about my husband...what makes him such a great husband (don't get me wrong, he has his faults, you can read other blogs about those, but this is 'be nice to Steve' blog)
He knows what is important to me. He knows that I value family and friends above everything else. He knows that since we have moved away from them I miss them more than I've ever missed anything in my life (except my brother Mark). And he knew that if I wasn't able to see every person that was in that room, I would have left Arizona feeling a little sad and disappointed.
So, my sweet guy, thank you for an amazing and fun evening, thanks for giving me my surprise that I've always wanted and thanks for not blabbing. But most of all...thanks for not making me go to dinner with Neville!

New subject . Cailin, my 4 year old girlie girl, was watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, her new favorite movie. During the fight scene towards the end, the White Witch is fighting and killing people, but they showed a glimpse of her flowing silvery skirt and Cailin says in a gleeful voice..."Ooohhhh, that's a pretty dress!!!" There's always room for fashion.
New subject: How huge of an idiot am I to go searching for a chocolate bunny the evening before Easter? The only piece of candy that the Easter Bunny leaves, Cailin looks forward to it all year, and because I am just the hugest procrastinator in the entire universe (and as a warranted Cailin states "A bad mommy"), I almost completely ruined my 4 year old's Easter. But, 3 stores, and 2 one year old temper tantrums later, I emerged from a ridiculously overcrowded grocery store with a chocolate bunny in hand. She better as hell love it!!
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates and to the rest of you, Happy Sunday!

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HLH said...

I second the vote that Steve is a great husband! We had a GREAT time celebrating your birthday. YEah for the easter bunny.