Friday, May 05, 2006

Hello Seattle, Goodbye Arizona

Wow, I just saw the date of my last post and realized how long I have been out of computer commission. For a while!
Well, y''all remember about how I whipped everyone's asses in Steve's company March Madness pool? I got the $, actually Steve got the $ for me while I was in AZ. which worried me a bit because Steve is not very good at spending intended $ on exactly what it is intended for. A lot of the time it just gets sucked into our daily lives. He pulls $10 out of the envelope one day and then a few days later another $20, so on and so forth. And suddenly it is all gone. But, he maintained his self control and all dinero stayed in the envelope.
So, we went and bought my computer armoire. Hallelujah!!! I don't have to stare at electronic equipment any more. The shooting stars of the screen saver wont haunt me in the middle of the night because Im too damn lazy to walk 5 feet across the room to turn the computer off. It will all be hidden away. The monitor, the computer, the printer, the stack of CD's that are strewn across my room by Avrie every morning while I am in the shower. All our envelopes, paper, labels and various paper material will be gone from sight. I am ecstatic.
But, let me tell you, putting that thing together was a pain in the butt. Im just so glad that I was there to help Steve. He is not one to crack open the instruction manual. Myself, on the other hand, holds the instruction manual as close to my heart as the Bible itself. So, together, 3 days, not too many extra screws, an annoyed 4 year old and an annoying 1 year old later. It is set up, my computer is in it, plugged in, turned on and working.
So, hence part of the reason for my prolonged absence, the other part of the reason. Procrastination and laziness.
The flight home from AZ to WA was uneventful, which are the best kind of flights. We sat next to a very nice college student. He watched "Lady and the Tramp" with Cailin and then chatted it up with her the rest of the way. Nice relief, because when we first boarded I accidentally started plopping us down in the wrong row, next to an old man with hearing aids and a glare that could freeze fire. I was relieved to realize that Im incapable of reading a simple row # and had messed up.
Cailin had a little melt down the morning after we arrived home. It probably didn't help that it was completely cloudy and drizzly that day. She wanted to go back to AZ, she hated it here. "Send me back, send me back right now" It was so sad. She didn't like the cold, she missed her cousins and friends. She wanted to wear shorts, and a swimsuit. It was a total tragedy. She called grandma, she couldn't even console her, this was bad. So, I scooped her up and we got dressed, ate breakfast, and went to our regular Wednesday morning play group. It made it a little better but I think it will just take some adjustment, transitions are not something Cailin does easily.
We made a trip to the Vet yesterday with my 14 year old cat, Skeeter. The night before she was having a very difficult time going to the bathroom and was leaving little droplets of blood everywhere, poor baby and gross! Don't worry, our carpets are scheduled to be shampooed on Thursday. We had to drive 30 minutes because the vet we wanted to see was out at his other office in Lynnwood. No biggy, 30 minutes is nothing, it was practically all freeway. She got some antibiotics (she has never had those before, we are a no antibiotic family unless someone's life is hanging in the balance, but I made an exception for the cat) and is going to get blood work done today. She is the last animal left from all the dogs and cats we inherited from my brother, Mark, when he passed away.
Well, today is grocery day, and unfortunately while I was blogging Avrie (13 mos) fell asleep. She just woke up an hour ago...what a baby!
I know I had called a truce with all the Washington drivers, but let me just say this. PEOPLE, CAN WE AT LEAST DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!!
Thank you, I needed that shout out. Gotta go lay Avrie down, do my hair, force clothes on Cailin and run my cat to the vet. Fun, fun, fun.

PS. I have new pics from our trip to AZ, but again laziness impairs me, I have to remember to bring my wallet up so I can pay kodak gallery for the uploads and then you can see the pictures. Hopefully today sometime. Just keep checking the 3 girls and a boy link.


April Lady said...

We want picture of the armoire. Make Steve take him with is didgital and you can post it on your blg. I'm curius! I'm also very excited for you. Men just don't get the's ugly, let's hide it rule. Morons! I miss you and there's no one to scrapbook with. April

April Lady said...

okay, so I didn't reread it before shoot me, I'm a typist!

HLH said...

Jenny- So glad to hear from you, I was beginnning to wonder if seattle had swallowed you up. Had to laugh at the idea of forcing clothes on Cailin, only because I know exactly what you mean...PJ canhave some nasty fits over clothes!

Sara said...

Glad you're alive! Scott is going to be in Fort Lewis all next week. No fair, huh?!

JRV said...

April, dont worries, I now yous can speell thems words corektly.

April Lady said...

Thanks, smart ass! A

Anonymous said...

Lol I'm glad you turned 30 before me

anita said...

I've come across your blog through ApplesonaStick and totally understand your irritation with these Seattle drivers. I lived in AZ all my life till I married a man from WA. So for 7 years I've lived here, last year back in AZ, and now we're back in the Pacific NW. I hate, hate, hate it when people can't even go at least the speed limit! And then adjusting again from sunny AZ to dreary WA. Although I have to say I love the rain more than the hot, hot summers of AZ. But sure miss my family in AZ. I've enjoyed reading many of your funny posts! Take care!