Friday, May 12, 2006

finally a bedroom

Arent they adorable? You would think that this picture was taken early in the morning, since they are in their pajamas, but it wasn't. It is about noon on a weekday, and the worst part about this picture...they havent even eaten breakfast yet. So sad! This is my new bedspread and my new computer armoire. We are for the first time ever, going to have a bedroom with some color and style. A bedroom that I will actually feel relaxed in, that is, when I am in it...alone!
I just had to post these pictures, but not much writing is going to happen since Avrie is hopping up and down and crying at my sad. :(


HLH said...

GREAT looking bedding Jenny!!! The armoire is gorgeouse, very well spent basketball earnings! My next bedroom purchase is going to be one of those memory foam matress pads....oh the sleep I will have.

April Lady said...

I love the armour. I'm surprised you went with such a dark color. It goes fabulously with the chocolate brown in the bedspread. Hooray for Fred Meyers! (whatever that is.)Can't wait to do my room. Next tax season I'm sure.

Sara said...

Beautiful Jenny! Your new stuff reminds me that I forgot to tell you that we finally got rid of our white trash couch!!!!!!!! (well sort of, it's still sitting on the back patio) We replaced it with a brown leather loveseat and chair from IKEA. It has increased my self esteem immensly!

LC said...

Really nice! Ahh, who cares about the hair and the clothes. They don't seem to mind. If they were hungry, I am sure Cailin would make you understand very clearly :)