Saturday, May 20, 2006

Freedom!! (almost)

I lost my cat. My 15 year old, blind, hyperthyroid, high blood pressure, heart murmured, urinating cat. It has a happy ending, or not so happy, depending on who's side you are on, mine or the cat's.
Skeeter (the cat), had once again, pissed on my rug. In the same exact spot she has been pissing for the last month. Does she think it's her litter box? She is blind, but I don't buy that excuse for a second. She vindictively does this. I know she does. It's her way of getting back at the humans, showing them, us, even though we think we are in charge, she can still screw up my whole day and throw me completely off by just taking a little squat. I know its malicious, she has always been a non-litter box user.
It first began with her peeing on random articles of clothing that were laying on the floor, just her suttle way of telling us what slobs we were. Steve actually went to work in jeans that had been peed on the night before. He didn't notice until he got to work and this odd smell continued to follow him around. Most people would have gone home to change, bought new pants during lunch, no, not Steve, he plugged his nose and endured, like a man...a gross man. Once, the first night my good friend Tia and I moved in together, we were sitting watching a movie when Skeeter crawled up onto Tia's lap to cuddle, so we thought, but instead actually squatted on her lap and peed. Yes, she peed directly on top of her. She has peed on my leg while sleeping, on Steve's butt in the middle of the night. But, mostly she has it in for our 4 year old Cailin. When Cailin was first born, Skeeter tolerated her, but for some reason, when she got her own big girl bed, that was as much favoritism as this cat could handle. This cat peed on Cailin's bed almost every single day! I have never washed so much bedding in my life. Our laundry detergent bill was outrageous. Why did we keep her? She was my brother Mark's cat, and since he has since passed away, I definitely feel obligated to keep her around. Plus, she is 15 years old, and I think on her way out.
So, on Thursday, the day we were to get our carpets shampooed, Skeeter squatted right in front of me in her make shift, carpet litter box in my living room and peed right in front of me. Bitch!
I immediately threw her outside while I furiously scrubbed the spot. I continued to check on her every 30 minutes or so. Since we have an open back porch, I didn't want her wandering off (or did I?). I had some friends coming over to visit, so while I chatted with them for 1-1.5 hours, Skeeter was left to wander around blind as a bat. After they left, she was gone. Completely gone. I searched everywhere, but right before I was about to give up. I trotted up a steep embankment of a woodsy area, and there she was curled up in a ball laying in some pine needles. I thought that maybe a hawk had carried her off or something, she only weighs 4 lbs. But no, she just got lost. Actually crossed a parking lot magically without being hit by a car, avoided attack black birds that squawk and swoop down onto her and didn't get roughed up by any bully squirrels. I was slightly impressed. But now she is a kitchen, back porch only cat.
Our carpets are nice, shampooed and clean and no cat is allowed on them.
Would I be held accountable for my actions if I just stopped giving her her high blood pressure medication? When I stand and receive my judgment, will He consider that negligence, malicious, or even a little mini-murder? Would He look down on me for my actions? Could I explain I just couldn't endure any longer. This was something greater than I could handle. Im tired of vet visits, medications, cleaning up urine and cat poop, stinky cat food, cat hair, vacuuming litter residue. 15, that's old. Maybe Ill just hold out. I don't know, we'll see.

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HLH said...

sheesh jenny! wouldn't it be much more humane to have her put to sleep than to kill her off by stopping her meds so she dies slowly and painfully?

sorry about the rugs, that is a pain. I spent many a hour cleaning dog urine and barf off of my mothers carpets.