Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Twilight Zone

I think I am going to go completely crazy. Here is why.
All day long, I am constantly throwing toys from my kitchen and dining room into the living room. They are then eventually piled up at the bottom of my stairs in an unattractive lump and the house rule is, you are not allowed to climb those stairs empty handed. I don't care what you take up, I don't care where you put it once you get up there. Sometimes its dirty clothes, sometimes toys, often handfuls of shoes, at night it's usually a sleeping child. But you have to take something.
Anyways, last night as I was cleaning up after dinner and like always, throwing toys into our living room. I lobbed a small toy makeup brush of Cailins into the living room, aimed at the bottom of the stairs which happens to be near the fireplace (which by the way, has a sliding chain curtain hanging across it, closing it off, very important info). The small pink and black makeup brush, at very high speed, hit right below the fireplace and then....COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!!!
I swear on my own life that magic or witchcraft or some type of time continuum occurred in my house last night because that makeup brush is nowhere to be found.
I cleaned my living room, spotless, from top to bottom...nothing.
Looked inside the heater, on the other side of the room...nothing.
Took a fork and sifted through the minimal soot still in our fireplace from winter...nothing.
Took a flashlight, looked up inside the fireplace...nothing. (that would have been one talented makeup brush...or thrower)
Rolled up the rug, maybe it magically crawled under the heavy rug after ricocheting off the wall...nothing.
Looked on the mantel...nothing.
IT IS GONE. I swear it is no where to be found. I think Im going crazy. Steve said it came flying across the room at an extraordinary speed, but that wouldn't make it vanish?! Would it?? Did magic happen, did I break some sort of time warp? Will I find it 2 years from now randomly in the middle of the living room.
I cant talk about this any longer. I am seriously going a little batty from this whole experience. Doo-doo-doo-doo--Doo-doo-doo-doo (you have to hum the music from the Twilight Zone to get the full effect)


Sara said...

Growing up with a basement, my mom always had the opposite problem, stuff piling up at the top of the stairs. I have many a childhood memory of being hit by random objects on my way up the stairs as she carelessly threw stuff down. Recently she finally bought one of those baskets that are designed to sit on a couple of stairs to collect objects to be redistributed. My aunt had one she thought was really great. Now that she has it now, though, it's always empty. Go figure.

HLH said...

You need to get out more Jenny!


Mom said...

You will probably find the brush stuffed under or behind a cushion on the couch. I don't know why, but everything ends up there eventually.

LeAnn said...

Give mom 5 minutes in your house and she will find it guaranteed.

April Lady said...

Maybe it ended up on the Island in Lost. Perhaps the hatch. Or, or, or...I bet it was Walt. You know he can appear places that he shouldn't be. Maybe he caught it, said something backwards to Steve and then quickly disappeared. And then maybe the others gave Steve a shot that made him giddy and he forgot everything. Now, I could be wrong, but it's a pretty strong argument I think.

JRV said...

I think that sounds like the sanest theory yet.
Lets post it on the official Lost site!

Steve said...

I've been giddy and forgetting everything for several years now.