Sunday, June 11, 2006

My declining health

My wonderful husband has courageously taken both Avrie and Cailin to run errands. First he has to go to Target to return the second fan we have purchased, put together and doesn't even turn on. It's a Honeywell product, which I think would be pretty reliable, but that is not the case. Let's see if Steve comes home with our third dead fan. His next adventure will take him across the street from Target to Home Depot. He is going to buy some potting soil so we can transfer Cailin's plants that Vicky planted with her into bigger pots. Plus he is buying more stain to finish our bedroom furniture. He has successfully stained both nightstands and now only has the dresser to stain and some shelves which we haven't even purchased yet. So, my whole point to this paragraph...I have time to give an update of my life.
How is my life lately? Sick, sick, sick!!! I have completely down and out sick for 4 weeks. Is that insane? I am never sick this long. I have a nasty congestive cough, stuffy nose, fatigue, I cant breathe and to top it all off, I seriously pulled some major muscles in my chest from coughing so vigorously. Oh, every time I cough for more than a minute straight my body starts to hurl and I vomit up anything I have eaten in the past few hours. I've decided to give up on eating. After 3 weeks of this insanity I finally took myself to the naturopath. Diagnosis: Upper respiratory Infection. Hundreds of dollars later, my immune system might be better but my illness, still here. So, after some research, Steve and I are going to urge my naturopath into testing for Valley Fever. The incubation period is exact for when I was in AZ last and the symptoms match precisely. I don't know, we'll see.
Oh, I almost forgot about my massage from Hell!! I went in to get a deep tissue massage. It doesn't even sound like it would feel good. Trust me, it doesn't. Basically, since I have been coughing for so long and hunching over when I cough and pulling in all my muscles. My muscles have conveniently attached to my tissue which my therapist had to go in and rip apart. I could actually feel them being torn apart. Nice! She stretched my muscles and gave me a extremely deep deep massage...Ouch!! But it helped, Im actually going back for a second helping this week. So, we emailed the naturopath about the Valley Fever, hopefully he will get back to me tomorrow. I just want to know why this is not going away!!!!!
Im going to put away, or attempt to put away some laundry now.
Sorry for the whining blog, but that's all can offer right now.

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HLH said...

oh jenny- I felt bad for you when we talked (even though I really enjoyed it!) and I feel for you again. Isn't Valley Fever mostly a dry cough? That is what they told me when we had PJ tested...they have to give you an x-ray to test for it to I think...or maybe it is a blood test, I can't remember. I sure hope you find something that works and soon :)