Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The past 2 months

It's been too long since I wrote a real blog. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the useless information I need, I must, I have to share with you. So I think I'm going to briefly tell a little of everything and then get into details, if necessary, in my future blogs.

BLACK OUT / POWER OUTAGE - So, in mid December we had an enormous storm that just wailed on us, 70+ mph winds, rain, hail. It was lovely. But the best part, we lost power, over 1.5 million people lost power. So, what do I do the next morning? I go shopping at Target, of course. What else would a sane person do when all the stores are running on generators and the entire city of Seattle is in chaos. Go Christmas shopping, there was hardly anyone there...idiots! We lost power on Thursday, but we had the ultimate preparedness plan (the Mormon church never talks about this) we had plane tickets out of that hell hole on Saturday, leaving all my poor, freezing, cold soup eating friends behind. They didnt get power back until the following Wednesday!!! Glad we missed the bulk of it, but happy to say, Steve is now a firm believer in food storage. (remind me to write about the infamous Pfeffernusse cookies later)

ARIZONA TRIP - Yeah, we were out of freezing Seattle and in warm Arizona for the Christmas holidays. Arizona warm? I DONT THINK SO!! It was freezing!! Rain, cold, wind, yuck. Only a handful of semi-warm, sun decided to show its face of betrayal days. So sad, so disappointed, my shorts and flip flops just sat in the bottom of my suitcase, untouched, banished, spat upon. Okay a little dramatic, but we were disappointed. We stayed at my in laws house. I lived like a queen. Sheets changed weekly, Laundry washed and folded daily (she even mended a couple of things), 3 meals a day provided, free babysitting. Ahhhh, the life of luxury!! Although there were a few times that on my way out with the intention of meeting someone for dinner or lunch I noticed that my inlaws had prepared a nice meal for me, so obligated I felt to sit down and partake. Then I would slip off for my rendevoir with another plate of food within the hour. I'm sure I gained weight.

CHICKDUCK - On the news today they had video of a rooster with duck feet. Full on bright orange webbed duck feet with a fat rooster sitting right on top of them. The scientists say it's impossible for chickens and ducks to mate and they are passing it off as a deformation on the roosters part. Although my sister sees their neigbor's duck mounting the chickens all the time. Maybe it's a little secret the ducks don't want to let out of the bag.

VACCINES - So, as if our children dont have enough chemicals pumped into their bodies, voluntarilty or not, now they are changing the 5 in 1 vaccine to 7 in 1 vaccine!!! ARE THEY INSANE???!!!! Those #*!^ing doctors DO NOT have the best interest of our children in mind, all they have in mind is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ That's right those of you doctor loving readers, your doctor could give a rats ass about you or your kids. I think what bugs the shit out of me the most is the mindlessness of it all. The mindlessness of the vaccine companies, of the doctors. of the nurses, of the insurance companies and of the parents. Everyone is bubbling along without really thinking, just poking kids left and right with no thought about the future or the safety of the kids.
And now even better, they have a vaccine that those of us who have decided to lower the bar for our daughters. For those of us that have chosen to raise our kids with no aspirations. This vaccine is for the daughters of parents who want to settle for bare minimum. For the parents who have already decided that their daughter at the age of a mere 9 years old already has no self worth, and will never rise higher that that. She is destined for a life of promiscuous sex and irresponsibilty. It's a lovely way to say to your preteen daughter, I think you are going to be the school slut and you don't possess the brains to protect yourself. It almost sounds like a Hallmark Card. Oh, for those of you who dont know what I'm talking about, it's the HPV Virus vaccine for girls 9-24 (I think that higher age is correct) it's a sexually transmitted disease which could cause cervical cancer. I love the world we have become.

Okay, this blog is getting long, so stay tuned for "Getting stuck on an icy road" , "Fruit with Fizz" "New Car", "Steve's birthday" "New Glasses" "Good deal Ann Taylor dress" "Holiday party" and "My invitation to Portland"

I'm sleepy, I'm going to go to bed. Cailin is sleeping with me tonight. I don't think she realizes it yet. She fell asleep on the couch and I put her in my bed since Steve's gone. I like cuddling with her, we don't get to do this very often.


Sara said...

I can't wait for all your fun stories! I HATE vaccines. How many other parents are out there that actually feel guilty for vaccinating their children? Last time we went to the doctor I hesitatingly agreed to give the kids flu shots. I could control Josh, so he got the poke, but after 5 minutes of the nurse watching me chase my screaming 4 year old around the doctors office I gave up on that one and spent the rest of the day feeling guilty that Josh couldn't protect himself.

April Lady said...

This vaccine in so insulting to parents. Why don't we just assume every human is a piece of crap and see what happens? Oh wait we are already there.

My vote for the next blog topic is Steve's birthday. Following that I want a comprehensive Seattle exit strategy complete with escape routes and blue prints becasue AZ sucks without you!

Anonymous said...

I contracted HPV while in the confines of loving monogamous relationship with my (future at the time) husband; He contracted it from an unfaithful girlfriend; and he was given misleading and wrong information by a health care "professional" who said that it was not contageous after you have the actual wart removed.

To date I have had 4 paps come back bad, 2 colposcopies and a cervical biopsy. I have to have bi-yearly paps. Had the vaccine been availiable when I was a teen, maybe I would not have to live in fear.

JRV said...

Dear Anonymous,
Im sorry this blog hit such a personal nerve with you and that this is something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. There isnt much else to say except that really sucks and Im sorry.
But for me, ethically, that vaccine (as well as all others) just dont fly in our house. I'll take the risk of the disease over the risk of a vaccine any day.