Saturday, February 03, 2007

I love being early to movies

Tonight was suppose to be a girls night out with all my girlfriends. Steve likes to call them girls gone wild nights. I know he would be extremely disappointed to know what really goes on. Not exactly what his mind allows him to imagine. The last one we planned happened to be the very night after the big power outage in December. The question temporarily ran across each of our minds that night, "Would it be really horrible to leave my family in the freezing cold and pitch black with no real food to eat, to go and hang out with my girlfriends?" . We all decided to reschedule. Tonight was the night, didn't happen. Certain people were feverish, chilled, vomiting, snotty, coughy...we don't want them around, we love 'em, just don't want to see 'em. We would have just uninvited her nicely, but since it was her house we were going to meet at, we decided it would just be slightly overstepping the threshold of friendship to ask her to stay at her mother's house while we entertained in her kidless, husbandless living room. So instead, my friend and I went to the movies. We decided to see "I Told You So", with Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht. Steve would never want to see that and since its only rated PG-13 it passes my friend's moral legislature, so it's a go. We checked the time beforehand, 9:25pm. (do you kind of see where this story is going?). We rush to the theatre, we are barely going to make it on time. Turns out the movie doesn't even start until 9:45pm, damn Vandango!!! But yes, we are early, we wait in the longer concession line, give ourselves a little extra time to chat about condoms and where we buy them, the fun studded condoms and the mysterious reason there is a purchase on my debit card from a place called "Finger Toys", a place I've never been. Anyways, we get to the theatre, sit down wherever we damn well please because we are the only ones there since we are so early, chat away since we have time, watch some trailer commercials. Spiderman III is coming out, I've never even seen the entire Spiderman II. Finally 2 other couples show up. I question my friend's reasons for not seeing a historically violent rated R film. The Bible is WAYYYY more gruesome than the movie we were discussing, she said she had a theory (excuse) and would tell me when we had more time, I'll fill you in later when I find out.
Finally the movie is about to start, the lights dim. Then Judi Dench pops on the screen. Hmmmm, I didn't think she was in this film, wow, she's been making a lot of movies lately, she must be really busy. Then they start listing others in the film. Cate Blanchett, I thought she had another movie that just came out, wow, 2 films at once, impressive. Bill Nighy. Okay, what is going on here. "Notes On a Scandal". I lean over, what did that say? Is this a preview? HOLY SHIT!!! We are completely in the wrong theatre. No wonder the movie was a bit late starting, it wasn't even our movie!!!! We grab our popcorn and water and candy and purses and jackets and run out of the theatre. I wonder what the other 2 couples were thinking, especially considering we were in there Lonnng before either of them were. We dash across the hall into the correct movie....PACKED!!! We end up sitting 2nd row back, slouched in our seats, necks overextended, thank goodness it had just started. So much for being early. That's just my life, no big deal, things like this happen to me all the time, it's the only life I know. It keeps things interesting.


heather said...

the SIL and I are going to see that tonight (the "Because I said So" movie- not the Judi Dench one).

Sounds like you and your friend had a good time. I've heard buying condoms online is the way to go these days. I've been told is it.

April Lady said...

Heather is much nicer than I am, in the way that she slyly informed you of your mistake. The movie, "I Told you So" doesn't exist. It is called "Becasue I Said So." I just have to point this out becasue my knowledge on movies and movie going, and watching movies for that matter is far more superior than your own! i love you! and knowing me, i probably wouldn't stayed in the Judi dench movie. I hate watching movies with my neck all kinked up. I 'd rather get a refund, go home and watch Friends reruns on TBS (That is if i had TBS). Love ya!

JRV said...

Whoops! Wrong movie title, my mistake. But did you notice that I happened to write that blog at 1:00 in the morning!! Love you April

April Lady said...

He, He. You wrote it at 1am, what's my excuse? Check out all the typos. Yikes. I should always reread my stuff. I missed your million phone calls this weekend. I will try my best to call you when I get home. A

Anonymous said...
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