Friday, June 08, 2007

List Update

I completed almost all of my previous list. It cost me $21.60 to mail a book to France that I purchased at COSTCO for $6.99. But, my niece and nephew will love it. I'm about to go downstairs and throw diapers into the dryer. Both my kids are asleep, the bathrooms are clean, completely packed except for toiletries, and what am I doing? Sleeping? No that would be ridiculous, I only have to wake up in 4 hours to get ready and be at the airport by 5:00am. No, I'm at the computer. It has some kind of magnetic pull. I try to walk by it without sitting down, I even close the doors to the armoire but I can hear the musical hum behind the closed doors and see the starry glow of the screen saver. I cant help myself, if I come in this room, I just have to sit down and see whats happening online.

We ended up packing all of Avrie's pals in the suitcase. She wanted Elmo and Ernie, but then I got thinking, if she sees them then she is going to ask for Grover and then Big Bird, and lets not forget Num-Num (Cookie Monster), so we packed them all. These guys have already been to Hawaii, now its time for a little trip to Arizona. Maybe next summer we'll take them to the East Coast.
I spent about 40 minutes this evening looking for Cailin's horse. It would have been the end of the world in her little 5 year old mind if horse was left at home. I ended up finding him in her bed, the same bed I had already checked 4 previous times. Sometimes I think there is a little bit of truth to Toy Story, toys moving around and such. It much more comforting to think that than the fact that I might just be a little insane and batty.
Okay, gotta go switch laundry and pack snacks.

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