Friday, June 08, 2007

To Do List

AM -
return library books
Post office - Drawings to Aunt Vicky, puzzle to France, check for candle lady
wash diapers

Target - Monster's Inc, Cailin underwear
return shovels and rakes to Ruth

plan Primary music lessons
write out word strips for new song
clean bathrooms

Cailin home
take lesson plans to substitute

hair cut
finish packing
arrange for mail pick up

Actually, considering I'm leaving on a 2 week trip tomorrow morning, my To Do list is not very big at all. I'm a list maker, its an inherent trait I got from my mom. Growing up and even now still today if you go to her house you will find several 8x10 sheets of paper with lists of everything for the day written in thick black sharpie. I'm not sure if its more for her, my dad or the random people that walk through their house that need to know that today is the day a stool sample needs to be collected from their 16 year old dog. Either way, lists work. People do them differently. I'm all about the pen and paper. My husband Steve loves his PDA. He even makes short 3 item lists for a grocery trip run on his PDA, along with illustrations and snapshots of the item. (I still get a minimum of 2 phone calls every time he is at the grocery store, I don't if he knows but there are people who work there, and are capable of answering questions).
Okay, my kids are awake, so as you can see from our list we need to get going.

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