Sunday, July 15, 2007

At least she was prepared

Cailin finally decided she was finished with our family and she was moving on. She quietly gathered her essential items, tiptoed up the stairs, gingerly waved goodbye to me and left. She actually got farther than I thought she would and was much braver than I had anticipated. She was holding her emotions intact, she was not overly irate nor sad. That is until I yelled to her..."I hope you find a sweet family with a mom that helps you make cookies every week and reads to you every night." That was the clincher, she broke down in exasperated cries.

She is now home, downstairs watching a movie and eating a Popsicle. I guess she has decided we are not so bad after all. She might be able to tolerate us a little longer, at least until the end of the week.

But, at least she was prepared. I mean, when you are on the run, living on the streets, trying to survive, of course what the #1 item you will need?... golf clubs. If she just got the hankerin' to start putting, she was ready. Actually I don't think she thought she was going to be on the streets too long, earning a living as a coffee grinder monkey or maybe perhaps demonstrating her latest Sprocket style of dancing on the corner of Pike & 4th for pocket change. But in fact, she had packed a cardboard door hanger that she had made, she obviously had thought this out much more carefully than I assumed. She apparently was going somewhere cold, with a door, plenty of food, and a putting green. Sounds luxurious, I'm sure she would have been just fine.


heather said...

Oh Jenny that is too good! Poor Cailin, I'm sure the fact that you were calm and rational about it only fueled her fire!

What was it that caused her to decide she was done with being a Vergara?!

-and what? She didn't want to take Avrie with her?

April Lady said...

I was laughing hysterically when I saw the golf clubs, then when you really said they were golf clubs I laughed even more. OHHH! The joys of motherhood. Perhaps she was going to Colorado after all-Aspen maybe. Isn't it cold, with golfing everywhere. I'm sure they have doors and food as well. Oh, how I love my niece! A
PS Tell her if she runs away again she can live with me but only until she throws her first fit. Then she will have to move on. I can only handle my own kid's fits.

April Lady said...

I also love the fact that you were so distraught about her leaving you that you had to take one last photo as she walked away forever. HA!

I have a good life said...

I think I will add golf clubs to my emergency kit...what an idea! So cute! Love your blog.

LeAnn said...

Very cute! I also noticed you had time to find the camera and shoot :) Cailin can come here to live. Who can I send to your house?