Friday, August 24, 2007

The return

I am finally back. After a month of no computer. Of being completely cut off from the world, living in darkness, curtains drawn, holed up in our house, eating only popcorn and V8, I finally return.
We bought a new laptop and Im zooming with wireless from the comfort of my living room floor.
Since its almost 1am and we are going camping in the morning and nothing is packed, Im going to keep this brief. But I did want to let everyone know not to give up on me. So, alert your friends, tell the media, quietly jump up and down for joy (its the middle of night, dont wake anyone up) With all my 12 fingers and toes crossed Im hoping to never be away for that long ever again. I wont be back until Tuesday, we are off camping...again. So, nobody move a muscle, stay exactly where you are, freeze in anticipation. I'll see y'all when we get back. Bye

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