Monday, October 15, 2007

And you are an idiot because????.......

It seems lately that my posts have been filled with conversations. But I just seemed to be involved in really idiotic dialogue lately. Here is one from this morning...
First of all I need to say, I called much earlier than 9am, but the message said that appointments could not be cancelled over the phone (I think they meant via message) and to call back during business hours, which begin at 9am, my appt is at 9am today (Monday). Now that you have the background.

Dentist: Kirkland Dental
Me: I need to cancel my appointment for today.
Dentist: When is your appointment?
Me: Right now, 9 o'clock, my daughter woke up very sick this morning, and she is staying home from school and I cant very well send her to a babysitter sick.
Dentist: Would you like to come in today at 2pm?
Me: Like I said before, my kids are sick, and there still is the babysitting issue.
Dentist: How about tomorrow morning?
Me: Actually, my future prediction skills are a little off today, I'm not sure if my daughter will actually be better by tomorrow morning.
Dentist: Would you like to make an appointment for tomorrow at 3:00?
Me: The actual issue is that my husband has a job that he works at during the daytime, and my kids are sick, and I don't really feel comfortable leaving them at a babysitter sick.
Dentist: (with a slight irritation to her voice) Then would you just like to call me to make a new appointment?
Me: Yes, that would probably be the best plan
Dentist: In the future we would prefer your appointments to be cancelled no less than 48 hours in advance
Me: I understand that, but to be completely honest, that policy doesn't really seem to work on a Monday morning with unexpected sick children thrown into the equation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are closed on Saturday?
Dentist: Yes ma'am
Me: And you are closed on Sunday?
Dentist: Yes ma'am
Me: You see my issue here? If only my 5 year old could have had the courtesy to let me know on Friday afternoon that she planned on being horribly sick on Monday morning, the nerve of her. You don't worry, the punishment will be harsh and unforgiving. To mess with the inner schedulings of a Dentist office. What was she thinking??
Dentist: I understand...(slight hesitation), 48 hours is our policy. Thank you ma'am.

click, dial tone.........

Okay, is it just me??


LeAnn said...

These are the conversations that leave me to scratch my head in amazement! hee hee, she had no idea who she was talking to!

April Lady said...

People on the phone are more annoying than people in person. They make me want to hang myself. Too bad phones are cordless nowadays. Morons!