Friday, October 26, 2007

Wendys late night

I was sitting in the Wendys parking lot this evening...okay it was probably actually considered night...7:30pm. I was getting ready to go inside and get some last minute dinner for my family, but I had to make a quick phone call to my sister to tell her a story, and then my husband called. But during those phone conversations, probably a total of 10 minutes, I had 3 separate Wendys employees come up to my car window and try to give me a bag of food. What was going on in there? Strangeness!!!


April Lady said...

What? You were sitting in the parking lot and they were coming up to your car and bringing you food? huh? Will your magic work at fancy joints like Red Lobster or Macaroni Grill. Cool power Jenny!

Sara said...

Knowing you fed your family Wendy's for dinner makes me feel less guilty about the chocolate doughnuts my kids got at the grocery store today! ;-)