Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm back!!!

I know its been 2 whole months since you were all able to listen to my rants and ramblings. But, I am back.
- Avrie lost her precious Elmo the other day, if he happens to have lost his way home and wandered into an unsuspecting house could someone please return him home. But alas, Aunt LeAnn came to the rescue, found an unappreciated Elmo wandering sadly through her home, so she decided to mail it our way. Avrie was concerned yesterday..."Mama, do you think Elmo is scared all by himself in the mail?" I assured her that lots of stuffed animals were probably being mailed at the exact same time and he probably has made a plethora of friends. She was quite relieved. Well, he arrived yesterday afternoon, and she slept like she hasn't slept all week. THANK YOU Aunt LeAnn!

-Cailin left the house for school this morning wearing...a teal t-shirt, jean shorts, tennis shoes and neon green socks! Lovely!

-Okay, now for my rant...
This is what we are electing our Senators to do? Article in the Seattle Times says "Senators want more NFL games on TV" Are you freakin' kidding me? This is what is did not say...
Not, 'Senators band together to improve math curriculum in public schools'
Not "Senators want Doctors to stop prescribing medications just because they are on that particular pharmaceutical companies payroll'
Not 'Senators move to adopt World Health Organization standards in U.S. hospitals'
Not 'Senators look into the safety of the effects of the 33 immunizations pumped into our children's bodies before they are 15 months old, up from the 10 immunizations before their 5th birthday in 1983'
Not 'Senators look into corruption and lies within Child Protective Services'
Not 'Senators lobby to provide more funding for lower income public schools'
Not 'Senators adopt a program to provide parenting classes and services to low income families'

Oh no!!! "Senators want more NFL games on TV"
Are you serious? The sad thing, okay one of the more pathetic parts of this story is that this is not the first time Congress has been involved in this. Last year a group of Senators "sent a letter to the NFL, threatening to reconsider the league's antitrust exemption if it didn't make games on the NFL Network available to more viewers."
Again...are you kidding me????
More TV! basically these elected officials. Senators elected to improve the lives of their constituents are planning to do that by offering more...T.V!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, boneheads, that makes sense. That's a great way to improve the average American home life, get dead-beat dads more involved in their children's lives. Perfect, what a great idea you f!*#ing morons!!!!!!!!!!
I wont name each of the Senators involved but I will say you don't have any names like Sally, Anne, Sarah or Julie. More like Jack, Pete, Sheldon, Mike and John. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!


LeAnn said...

Yay for Elmo! Glad she could finally sleep :)

aimee heff said...

Ahh Jenny, we have missed you and your rants. Welcome back!

Amen, to the senators. What the hell?

April said...

I love it. You're so pissed you can't even finish some of your sentences. That's awesome!

alisha said...

Aahhh - Jenny - I have missed you!

Politics. Blah.

That's all I can say without a two-page essay of my own!

H said...

Gotta love a good rant! I'm totally with ya.