Sunday, July 25, 2010

Arriving in Kirkland, WA

If given the opportunity, this is how Avrie would sleep every single night. This is at a hotel in Redding, CA. We arrived at bedtime but because we have to swim in every hotel swimming pool we encounter...swim we must. So, at 8:30 at night, my girls went swimming. But then, of course they were starving because we hadnt eaten anything since 2pm, so at 10pm, off we go to a local cafe. I felt like the worst mother walking into a restaurant with an 8 and 5 year old at 10pm, but to my relief, they were not the only kids there. Whew! I guess thats what you get in a stopover town. Oh, speaking of being a stopover town (the only place around), they can charge as much as they want for whatever they want. The Motel 6 would have been $80, so we opted for La Quinta Inn for $99, free pool, internet and breakfast. It was a no brainer.

Mt. Shasta. Cailin took about 2,353 pictures of this one mountain. I saved one of those pictures.

Of course Avrie falls asleep near the SeaTac airport, 30 minutes from our final destination.

Cailin and Avrie while we are sitting at the red light getting off the 405 onto 124th St. I LOVE Cailins raw excitement. She can hardly contain herself. Adorable!

I estimated we would get to Kirkland at 8pm...we did, exactly 8pm. I am amazing. Cailin was so excited to see Luke, the reunion was cute to watch. A funny story, when Cailin saw Luke, he said "Hey, dont I know you?" When she saw Jonah for the first time he said "Hi Cailin" as if he had just seem her the day before but when she saw Elie they saw eachother and ran towards one another and hugged and hugged and they were sooooo excited. When recounting her reunions to someone, Cailin says "Boys are so wierd!" Yep Cailin they are. They are uncomfortable with how their feelings make them feel and they dont know what to do with it so they say something awkward and dumb. And they continue to do it into adulthood. Get used to it.


April said...

"Hey don't I know you?" How cute is Luke? They need to get married and he can say that to her once she reaches him at the altar. And we will all laugh! I adore him!

Sara said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while, Jenny. We also had to swim at every pool, usually around 9:00, so don't feel bad. And we paid around $100 for a Super 8 in Ashland, OR, not a good place to stop either. Also, I took a whole bunch of pictures of Mt. Shasta and I'm pretty sure it didn't have that much snow on it. Really?